3 Elements of the Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

Mood Lighting - One of the Elements of a Perfect Hot Tub Date
You promised your partner a romantic date night, but you’ve had a long day at work and you’re exhausted. The last thing you want to do is deal with a crowd or wait for a table. You’re in luck! When you own a hot tub, you’ve already got the makings of a perfect date night, right in your backyard. To make the night special (and ensure your partner is as excited to stay in as you are), make sure you include these three elements. 

Set a Romantic Mood

Frankly, you could just head straight to the hot tub and you’ll both enjoy the experience. But, you do that on a regular night. Tonight’s special, so turn up the volume just a tad. 
  • Play music. Whether you stream your favorite band, a laid-back radio station, or create a custom playlist, playing music goes a long way in creating a romantic mood. 
  • Set the atmosphere. The porch light is fine any other night, but on date night, take the time to light the firepit, burn some candles, or string up some twinkling lights.

Prepare Hot Tub-Friendly Food

No one wants to fuss with a fork in the hot tub, so plan for finger foods. Even if you plan to order in the main meal, a few small bites in the hot tub before or after dinner will be nice. Set out a fruit and cheese plate or an antipasto platter. Or, swing by the bakery for some cake bites, truffles, or chocolate-dipped fruit. 

Plan an Activity

One thing you probably already love about your hot tub is the way you and your partner naturally get in more quality time by soaking together. The peaceful, device-free zone is great for chatting and bonding together. But, for date night, have something special in mind. If you want a romantic activity, you might plan to give your partner a sensual massage. Or for fun and laughter, stop by our showroom and pick up a water-proof game. Whatever you decide to do, with a little planning, your hot tub date night will be a guaranteed success! But, one thing is vital…a hot tub! We carry the best hot tub brands and we offer financing, so there’s no need to wait. Visit us and we’ll help you find your ideal spa to transform your date nights from boring to extraordinary.  
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