3 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Pool Floatie

All parents want their children to be safe in and around the pool. One of the greatest aids to ensure that your child is safe is a great flotation device. And there’s a grand selection to choose from! Here are 3 essential tips for choosing your child’s pool floatie this year.

Age for Floatie

With the array of pool floats available on the market, it seems like you might have an endless amount of floaties to choose from. But which one is best (and safest) for your child? First, consider their age. Littlest swimmers, like infants and toddlers, need the most support, plus a parent or caregiver close by. Choosing a full-support float will give you peace of mind, all while providing the safest swim experience possible. Playful preschoolers and early elementary kids need a fuller range of unrestricted motion. Opt for a float that allows their arms to move freely. And big kids, teens, and tweens all have different needs. Read on to discover how skill level should impact your pool float choice.

Skill Level

Next, consider your child’s ability. Do you have an infant who needs support for their whole body? If so, an infant raft with a seat and sun cover is perfect. Many have reinforced support to keep your baby safe and sound while you are next to them. Or, do you have an emerging swimmer who has been wanting to tackle a little more independence this year? Depending on their weight, arm floaties or a puddle jumper is a great option. It allows your child to swim on their stomach (instead of upright like with a life jacket) and allows for full motion of their arms and legs.

Water Depth

If you don’t have too deep of a pool, a tube float is another great option for responsible little and medium swimmers who need support. Make sure that the interior hole is not so big that they automatically slip through. Their arms should rest comfortably, without stretching too far, around the curve of the float. When you have a child who’s had swimming lessons and can get to the safe wall on their own, a kickboard is a great choice for a little extra support. It will allow them to practice their strokes and give a sense of safety – especially in deeper water where little toes can’t reach. And when you have kids who are great swimmers, but just want a float to lounge and play on, the novelty floats are where it’s at! Grab a slice of pizza float, a giant pink flamingo, or an Oreo cookie float that’s just waiting to be dunked. Whatever your choice, your pool floaties are going to love swimming with your kids in the perfect pool from Fronheiser Pools! We are your one-stop-shop for everything you need to kick-start your fun pool season. From gunite to vinyl pools, we have the ideal solution for your backyard recreation needs. Give us a call today to hear about our options. With the perfect pool floatie AND the perfect pool, your whole family can swim their way to the best summer of your lives!
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