3 Excellent Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Than Ever

Is your family being pulled in a million different directions now that school has started back in session? Between work, school, homework, friends, activities and extracurriculars, and those pesky digital devices, it’s hard to sneak in time together. In fact, Study Finds, a research site, says that families are spending only 37 minutes with each other every day, on average! Although that number goes up to about 2 ½ hours together on the weekend, that’s still a drop in the bucket compared to the time that families need to bond and grow. And if there’s one thing that this strange season has taught a lot of families, it’s that they want MORE time with their kids, not less. Are you feeling the same? If so, we have three excellent ways to bring your family closer than ever!

Dinner Together

If you’ve had ample time at home in 2020, family dinners might have become a thing at your house. If so, don’t stop! And if not, try it out this year. With school starting, it’s the best time to begin a new schedule for the year. Whether you pick up a pre-cooked chicken and a veggie tray on a busy night, or you throw a roast and carrots in the crockpot before work, there are ways to make dinner happen during the weeknights. Then, on the weekends, add in a theme day. How about Saturday morning brunch after everyone sleeps in. Or, maybe quiet Sunday nights with board games and a build-your-own-nachos bar! It’s quick and easy, and your kids will love the extra dedicated family activity to look forward to each week.

Splash and Play

If you want a staycation all summer long, it’s time to get on our building schedule for your brand new pool! Building a space that you all enjoy is an excellent way to bring your family closer. And a swimming pool is the BEST place to splash and play together. Add in pool games and fun inflatables, and you’ll quickly find that Fronheiser Pools has the best in aquatic recreation. Your kids will feel closer to each other and to you. Plus, they’ll be able to have friends over in the backyard, instead of being over at someone else’s house.

Warm Up the Conversation

Finally, it’s important to have time to converse with your kids. Whether you have one kid or six, there are ways to make that happen. Want to know our favorite spot to hang out for deep family talks? A hot tub! Kids seem to open up when they feel safe and relaxed. The warm water and hydro-massage ease stress, helping your kids talk to you about things that are on their heart — issues with friends, problems at school, exciting achievements and dreams, or that new girl or boy interest. And the dedicated time one-on-one will allow them to discuss things without their friends or siblings around. You can also use your hot tub all together for the ultimate family game night! When your kids feel like you are listening to them and having fun with them, there’s endless connection and closeness to be achieved. It’s time to fill the love tanks of your people. You need more than half-an-hour each day with your family. With incredible options from Fronheiser Pools, there’s no longer a reason to keep living life as it was. And considering this glimpse into how life could be, it’s time to take steps to build the life that you want. Schedule time together each day with dinner, play, and deep conversation. You’ll build the life and relationships you’ve always dreamed of.  
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