3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Fall

The days are cooling, the evenings are lengthening, and pretty soon it’s going to be your favorite season: HOT TUB SEASON! To get the party started for your gang, plan a hot tub opening night. Fill it with family, fun, food and the best in fall games. Try these enjoyable and exciting game choices for the best in backyard recreation.

Ping Pong Panic

A favorite for all ages, Ping Pong Panic will get the action and laughter started. Throw a dozen ping pongs into the spa water. Once everyone is seated, get those jets going! The ping pong balls will roll and bounce, and you know what you have to do? Avoid them! If a ping pong ball touches you, you are out. Climb out onto the sidelines, add another ping pong ball to the water, and cheer on the people left. One by one they will be out until the one final victor remains.

Splish Splash Surprise

For this game you need a nice, large balloon filled with the iciest cold water that you can handle. Sit the group in your spa seats and get ready for some action. You’ll pass the water balloon overhead, around the spa to each competitor. Eventually someone is going to get a nice cold ice-bath shower!

Rubber Duck Race

Rubber duckies don’t just make bath time fun – they make hot tub time fun, too! Grab your favorite rubber duck for each competitor, as well as a straw. Depending on the age of the game players, you can choose to have the jets on or off. Line up at the starting line. Now, GO! See who can blow through their straw to push their duck to the other side. The first duck to touch the opposite wall wins. We know you can’t wait to get started on all of the hot tub fun that fall offers. It’s a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, as well as to receive the amazing benefits that hot tub hydrotherapy offers. Don’t have a hot tub to go along with all those fun fall games? Come in to Fronheiser Pools to discover the best in hydrotherapy options! We’ve been specializing in backyard recreation for over six decades. With a Caldera® or Freeflow® model, you and your family will be set for the best in fall fun each and every day of the season.
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