3 Reasons Every Parent Should Invest in Children’s Swimming Lessons

Gone are the days of life jackets and puddle jumpers. Your child is of the age where they definitely need to know how to swim. From playing chicken in the pool with friends to wanting to cannonball off the diving board, your child is ready to dive in – both literally and figuratively. But what should you do to prepare them for this next stage in life? There are a million reasons that you should invest in children’s swimming lessons, but here are a few of our favorites.

Build Social Swimming Skills

At some point in their life, every kid needs to know how to swim and how to swim well. Whether they are headed to summer camp or are inviting friends over to their own backyard pool, it’s important for your child to be able to be a social swimmer. Plus, it’s a complete blast when your child is water safe and splashing and having fun with friends.

Conquer Fear and Gain Confidence

There’s just something about a teacher who can speak into the life of a child. An incredible swim instructor will have your child practice important water skills such as treading water, floating on their back for air, swimming to the safe edge of the pool, and establishing solid swim strokes as they get older. Your children will conquer fear and gain confidence as they practice these skills over and over again.

Swimming Lessons = Safe Swimmers

Ultimately, the number one reason that your child needs swimming lessons is to make them a safe swimmer. According to Swimming Safari, “When children know how to swim, they know how to save their own lives. Swim lessons ensure that children know how to swim out of danger, or if they can’t find a way out, at least float until help arrives.” Once they have the confidence to swim, coupled with the skills to do so, they’ll be unstoppable. So, sign your kid up for lessons near you and get them the support they need for this summer to be the swim summer of their life.

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