3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Put Down the Digital Devices

digital devices
Do you worry that your kids are full-on addicted to their digital devices? You’re not alone! These days, even toddlers know their way around a tablet, so getting kids of all ages to get off their screens can be a big job. Before you pull your hair out, Fronheiser Pools has a few ideas to help you get your kids to set down their devices. Plus, some of these suggestions will even inspire your kids to voluntarily put down their device!

Establish a Routine for Digital Devices

Often kids balk at something new or unexpected. So, if you tell a child at dinnertime tonight to set down their device, but they used it at dinner last night, it can seem unfair. However, if the house rule is that no screens are allowed at dinner and that’s an established routine, kids will usually just set their devices aside without you having to tell them.  The key is to establish a routine and stick with it. Sure, your kids will complain when you introduce the new routine, but kids adapt quickly. For an idea, here are a few routines that might help you manage screen time:
  • Put away all devices by 7:00 pm (or whatever time works for your family).
  • Screens are only allowed on weekends.
  • No screens allowed on certain days.
  • All devices get put on the charger and left in Mom and Dad’s room overnight.

Get App Assistance

There’s an app for everything, including managing your kids’ device time. Parental control apps, like Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you set time limits as well as monitor kids’ web usage. 

Plan Fun, No-Device Activities

One of the best things you can do is to plan fun activities that kids enjoy. Amazing activities make your kids so happy, they’ll even toss aside their screen to participate. Does that sound impossible? It’s not! Try some of these and see for yourself. 
  • Arrange playdates for younger kiddos or activities with friends for older kids. Often, kids look at their devices because they’re bored. If one of their friends was there, they’d rather play with them. For older kids, consider hands-on (device-free) activities like visiting a trampoline park, rock climbing studio, or a Ninja Warrior-style gym.
  • Get a pool! What kid wants to be looking at a screen when they could be outside swimming? Even the allure of digital devices don’t stand a chance when you install the backyard pool your kids (and you!) have been dreaming of.
  • Schedule device-free family activities. Go to the movies, take the whole family bowling or to play mini-golf. Designate one day each week to be family night, and play board games, take a family soak in the hot tub, or go for a bike ride together. 
Take these ideas for a test drive and see which ones work best for your family. You’re sure to find a few screen-free activities that your whole family loves to do together that will make it easier to get your kids to put down their digital devices.  The kids are busy with school now, but are you imagining next year’s summer days spent poolside, without a device in sight? Fall is the perfect time to get your new pool on the books! Come by our pool showroom and we’ll help you design the pool of your dreams. In the meantime, read 5 Pool Features to Make the Joneses Turn Green with Envy for some design inspiration!
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