4 Reasons Every Pool Owner Needs a Safety Cover Before Fall

Every pool owner needs a safety cover before Fall
Do you ever wonder if you really need a pool safety cover? What purpose does it serve, after all? How does a safety cover differ from a standard winter cover? We can think of at least 4 reasons every pool owner needs a safety cover before fall, in particular. During the off-season, you want a secure cover over the top of your swimming pool. A flimsy tarp is not going to give you the protection and benefits of a proper pool safety cover. Fronheiser Pools is proud to recommend GLI pool safety covers and would like you to consider these 4 reasons you need to install a safety cover before fall sets in.

Safety Covers Keep Debris Out

The obvious reason people install covers over their pools is to keep debris out of the water. A mesh or solid safety cover will keep your pool protected from large and small debris. A winter cover is held in place with sandbags or other weights. Mesh and solid safety covers are actually secured into place onto the pool deck and held in place with straps. Leaves and acorns, branches, and even tree limbs will not be able to enter the water — preventing damage to the pool. The strength of a safety cover can be up to 4,000 pounds, considerably stronger than a thin winter tarp-like cover. If a tree limb should fall onto the safety cover, it will stay put until you can remove it.

Safety Covers Protect Animals, Pets, and People

Choosing to install a pool safety cover can provide protection for animals, pets, or even people should they somehow happen to fall onto it. If your dog was to fall onto a mesh or solid safety cover, it would be supported and not fall into the water. Some safety covers are so strong that automobiles that have inadvertently driven onto them have not fallen through. We definitely do not recommend testing that out, but it has happened!

Safety Covers Reduce Water Evaporation and Chemical Usage

While the rate of water evaporation will naturally be reduced in the winter, a certain amount still occurs. A safety cover will cut the rate of evaporation during the off-season. A solid safety cover will also prevent rain and snow from entering the pool water and diluting your chemicals. Reducing the amount of sunlight on the pool water also enhances the effectiveness of your pool chemicals and makes them last longer.

Safety Covers Make Your Spring Opening Easier

Some of the steps we take when winterizing our pools in the fall are to balance our chemicals and add shock and algaecide. The final step in putting our pools to bed for the winter is to apply a mesh or solid safety cover. This seals the deal: little evaporation or algae growth, and no debris. When it comes time to bring your pool out of hibernation in the spring, you will be smiling.  Pool safety covers will keep your pool clean during the off-season and protect it from damage from debris. A safety cover also ensures that people, pets, and other unwanted articles do not come to harm by falling into the pool water. Finally, a safety cover will give your backyard a tidy appearance during the off-season and make your spring pool opening a lot easier. The dedicated experts at Fronheiser Pools think these 4 reasons every pool owner needs a safety cover before fall are worth considering. Please contact us with your questions, or stop in one of our showrooms to see for yourself just how amazing a safety cover can be.
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