4 Tips For Building a Pool House

Are you planning a pool for your backyard? How about adding in the luxury of a pool house while you are at it? Picture yourself with your shades and sunhat basking in the sun by the side of your sparkling new swimming pool. The only thing that could make that image any better is if you have the convenience of a pool house in the near proximity of your chaise lounge. Need a fresh towel? It’s just steps away. Thirsty? The mini-fridge is fully stocked with all your favorite beverages. As a matter of fact, the enjoyment level of your pool could rise into the stratosphere with the addition of a pool house. We have 4 tips that could make building a pool house a real possibility.  

1) Zoning Regulations & Permits

The first order of business is to find out what your local zoning ordinances are. Check your local building codes. Familiarize yourself with the requirements. Most importantly, you may need to file paperwork for an official permit with your county.


2) Don’t Clash with Your Current Architectural Style

Whatever type of pool house you build, you will want to stay in the same style as your main house. Continuity of design will enhance the total look of your property. Consequently, the pool house will look like it belongs there and is not an afterthought.


3) Go Big or Go Small

You may be wondering what size your ideal pool house should be. Obviously, it depends on your budget and the space available. If your budget permits, you can go all out with a pool house that has guest bedrooms and baths, a living room/entertainment area, and a fully equipped kitchen. However, if your budget and space are more restricted, don’t worry.   In fact, you can construct something much less elaborate, or even purchase a pre-fabricated structure from a home improvement center. 


4) How Will You Use It?

The basic purpose of a pool house is to provide a private space inside for changing, bathing, and storage for towels and other supplies. Ideally, there is an outside area that is covered. This creates a transitional space between the pool and the inside changing area that can be used for entertainment and provide shade. Here is a breakdown of the primary desirable features.
  • Changing and bathing. A basic pool house should include a private place for changing in and out of swimsuits, a bathroom, and storage for towels.
  • Shade. A pool house with a large canopy or shaded structure outside the entrance to the pool house is ideal. We all need to retreat from the sun at some point and a designated shady area is a welcome addition.
  • Entertainment. This aforementioned shaded outdoor space can be filled with comfortable seating and even a built-in outside kitchen complete with a mini-fridge and bar.
  • Storage. Owning and using a pool means that you will have a lot of accouterments that require storage. Be sure you include ample storage for towels, pool toys, pool cleaning equipment, etc. You will be glad if you plan for easy access to the items you need most often.
  A pool house is an outstanding addition to your backyard environment. First, check your local zoning ordinances. Next, make sure your design matches the style of your main house. Lastly, add all the features you can to enhance the enjoyment and convenience of your poolside space. All of us at Fronheiser Pools hope these 4 tips for building a pool house will help you focus on what it will take to make your backyard dream come true.
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