4 Ways to Style Your Patio

outdoor patio furniture style
Whether you enjoy hosting get-togethers with friends and family, or you prefer to spend quiet time outside with a good book or your own thoughts, you want your backyard to reflect your personality. So how do you put your stamp on that space that says “you”? Here are four ideas to style and accessorize your backyard patio.

First Things First: Patio Style

The most obvious first step is patio furniture. Whether you simply lack a place for your tush, or you need an upgrade, a patio falls short of its raison d’être without attractive, quality furniture. There is no shortage of price points or styles like bistro sets or virtual outdoor living rooms. When planning for furniture, don’t just think about price points. What colors put you in the mood you want to achieve? What colors relax you, inspire you, or instill peace? Also, consider how you want to use the patio: as part outdoor dining room, part seating area? Perhaps you’re an avid reader who needs a cozy lounger. Consider groupings of furniture if you want a multipurpose area or if you entertain frequently. Choose furniture that meets your specific lifestyle and desires.

Add Some Pizzazz

Pillows and throws are an easy and inexpensive way to add to your patio décor and feature your patio furniture. Maybe island life speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to go bold with exotic pillows or throws for your personal backyard oasis.  Maybe bold isn’t in your wheelhouse, or you don’t want a static theme. Consider rotating your pillows and throws based on the current season or holiday. This idea works especially well if you see yourself hosting theme-specific parties.  Subtle works, too, particularly if your backyard is more your own private escape. Absorb the sounds of nature or disappear into your latest bestseller surrounded in the relaxing comfort of soft pastels. 

Don’t Forget Mother Nature

Yes, Mother Nature surrounds your backyard, but don’t ignore the impact carefully chosen plants can bring to your outdoor space. Flowering plants and their pots can add bursts of color to enhance the look of your backyard. Some plants even serve as a deterrent to certain insects AND to overly curious neighbors if you choose and place the plants just right! Perennials, like lavender (bonus points for lavender as a natural mosquito repellent), bloom each year as opposed to annuals which have to be replaced if you want to see their blooms again. Perennials eliminate replanting season after season whereas switching out your annuals mean you can mix it up each new season.  If privacy is important, consider a flowering vine, such as honeysuckle, with a trellis or pergola. Honeysuckle also attracts hummingbirds with its nectar. Keep in mind typical weather conditions where you live. Also, take into account whether your backyard is shaded or in consistent sunlight. Some plants thrive in full sun; others prefer partial sun. And probably nothing is more important than knowing yourself. Different plants require different levels of care. You may need to consider plants possessed of a little more resiliency!

You Light Up My Life

Now, go that extra step so that everyone enjoys the fruits of your design labor, day or night. Add outdoor lighting. String lights and walking path lighting can be the final touch to your new and improved patio. In years past, outdoor lighting either meant basic flood lights or year-round Christmas lights. Now, though, outdoor lights, such as string lights or pathway lights, come in all manner of shapes and colors. They’re an affordable way to add to the ambiance of your backyard, and solar options keep your electric bill from being adversely affected.

Ready to Get Started?

Spring has arrived, and Summer will be hot on its heels. There’s no time like the present to spruce up your backyard and add style to your patio. There’s no better first step than adding new outdoor furniture or upgrading your existing furniture. Fronheiser Pools has been around for over 50 years and offers a great selection for your backyard. Check out Fronheiser’s many styles of high quality, designer furniture.
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