5 Rookie Hot Tub Buying Mistakes to Avoid

You know you want a hot tub, but with so many options, how do you decide which one to buy? Where do you start your research? At Fronheiser we understand that not only do you want to get a hot tub that fits your needs, but one that also gives you the most bang for your budget. We’re here to help you weigh all the pros and cons of the hot tubs you’re considering. But, for a start, make sure you avoid these 5 rookie hot tub buying mistakes. 

Not Comparing Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs

Entry-level and high-end hot tubs are separated by more than just the price. Not only are high-end hot tubs better built for comfort and feature an upgraded design, they also are far more energy-efficient than an entry-level hot tub. This means that while a high-end spa will cost you more upfront, you’ll spend less each month to operate it. Plus, they are more durably constructed and will last longer. You can expect a high-end hot tub like the Jacuzzi® and Caldera® models to last for 20+ years, while most entry-level spas have a life expectancy of 5-7 years.

Not Shopping with a Local, Reputable Spa Dealer

The price tags on the spas at a traveling expo might look appealing, but the quality of the hot tubs is questionable at best. This is the same with the hot tubs you find at the Big Box Store or online. Don’t make this rookie mistake. You are  making an investment in your health and life. Purchase your spa from a dealer who has expert knowledge of your hot tub and will be there long after the sale! All hot tub owners have questions about water care and maintenance. A reputable spa dealer is always happy to help. Also, occasionally, your hot tub might need a repair or new part. When you have a relationship with your local dealer, you know right where to turn. 

Assuming You Need a High Number of Jets

This may be the most common rookie mistake we encounter. The truth is, when it comes to jets, quality trumps quantity every time. The most cheaply-made hot tubs can come with a ton of jets, but they often lack the amps needed for the pumps to adequately push water through them all. Plus, for an enjoyable soak, you need a variety of jet actions. Some jets pulsate, some rotate, some sweep up and down (excellent for a full back massage). Compare that to an entry-level hot tub that has a ton of single-size, single-action jets. That makes it almost impossible for the jets to target all your problem areas. This brings us to the next point…

Not Trying Before You Buy

Not only does the jet performance vary from hot tub to hot tub, but each spa also has other qualities that make it unique. Headrests are at different heights, footbeds feel differently, and seats are distinctive. That’s why we encourage every customer to come in for a test soak! Sure, sitting in the hot tub dry can give you a good idea of how comfortable the seats are, but a wet soak will help ensure you pick the hot tub that suits your needs best. A test soak lets you feel the jets firsthand and verify that they hit your target areas. 

Not Situating Your Hot Tub in the Best Location

A large hot tub can weigh over two tons when filled. That means picking a structurally-supported site is a must. If you plan to position it on your concrete patio, that will probably work (providing the slab is 4” thick). If not, consult a contractor to make sure your site is prepared for the weight. Other than structural issues, keep in mind privacy, space limitations, and accessibility when picking the perfect spot. For more information, read this article: 7 Things to Consider Before Situating Your Hot Tub.  If you avoid these 5 rookie mistakes, you’ll be bringing home your ideal spa in no time at all! Check out our promotions page and our online gallery of incredible spas. Are you ready to see some hot tubs in person and get some help finding the best hot tub for your needs? Come visit us at either of our locations! We’ve got just the right hot tub to meet all your needs.   
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