6 Reasons to Love a 3-Person Hot Tub

couple enjoying 3-person hot tub
Have you considered getting a smaller hot tub? Your situation may actually be ideal for a smaller-scale hot tub. It is possible to enjoy all the benefits of a larger-sized spa and take advantage of the lower cost, space-saving aspect, and convenience that a smaller hot tub provides. Fronheiser Pools has put together a list of 6 reasons to love a 3-person hot tub. Take a look and see if you aren’t convinced!

1) Does Your Home Lack Space?

There is no doubt that backyards are getting smaller. A good reason to consider the purchase of a smaller-sized hot tub is when you don’t have the room for a big one! If you want a hot tub but only have a deck or a small patio, a 3-person hot tub may be the right choice. You can still create an area for entertaining and relaxing with a more compact hot tub.

2) Downsizing

If you have recently retired or find yourself suddenly single, you may be considering scaling down your home and lifestyle in many different ways. Have the kids flown the nest? That 5- or 6-person hot tub may no longer serve your needs, whereas a 3-person hot tub will. A smaller hot tub is a perfect option for couples and individuals.

3) Affordability of a 3-Person Hot Tub

Feeling the pinch of inflation? The lower cost of a 3-person hot tub is definitely part of the appeal. Not only is the upfront cost lower but operating and maintenance costs will be a lot less. Fronheiser Pools carries a selection of Freeflow® hot tubs that are surprisingly affordable, energy efficient, and even portable should you move in the future.

4) No sacrifice in comfort or hydrotherapy features

Just because you are scaling down in the overall size of your hot tub, this does not mean that you must give up the massage power and hydrotherapy features that a larger model provides. Fronheiser Pools carries Caldera Spas®, which is known for its large luxury model hot tubs but has other choices to offer, too.  Caldera Spas® offers several smaller 3-person models that feature many of the same hydrotherapy benefits as their larger hot tubs. You may even find that the interior space of a 3-person hot tub allows for a more spacious soaking experience than a larger spa full of people does. Caldera’s Kauai® model features 31 jets, seating for three, and lounge seating for exceptional comfort.

5) Energy Savings with a 2-Person or 3-Person Hot Tub

A 3-person hot tub holds a lot less water than a larger model. This means it costs less to heat and that you will use fewer chemicals for maintenance. Those factors equate to both energy and water savings plus minimized expenses for water care chemicals.

6) Simplicity and Convenience with a Smaller Hot Tub

Many 3-person hot tubs operate on 110V connectivity — sometimes called “plug and play.” What this means to you is that you will not require any fancy electrical work to get it set up. A smaller hot tub will be simple to operate. A Freeflow 2-person hot tub from Fronheiser Pools may be a great option if simplicity and convenience are high on your priority list. There is a perfect hot tub available for everyone. If your space is limited, if you are downsizing, or if you feel a hot tub is not affordable, don’t give up. Fronheiser Pools can make your hot tub dreams come true with a smaller-sized model that will suit you perfectly. We hope these 6 reasons to love a 3-person hot tub have shown you that a hot tub can be in your future. Come into one of Fronheiser Pool’s showrooms and talk to our experienced spa professionals today.   
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