7 Landscaping Tips for Your Hot Tub

You spent months deciding if you wanted a hot tub. Then you may have spent months waiting to get one after making the decision. Now that your hot tub is placed in your backyard and the initial elation has died down a bit, you may be thinking, “Now what?” You absolutely love your hot tub, but perhaps you hadn’t given what would be surrounding it a lot of consideration. You can relax. We are here to help with 7 landscaping tips for your hot tub that will appeal to all your senses.  

1. Make it a Private Retreat 

The first priority of landscaping around your hot tub is usually to create some privacy. This can be achieved with fencing, privacy screens, and landscaping. Whatever material you choose will also block some wind, so you are two for two. Another suggestion is to build a gazebo or lanai over the hot tub, which also provides shade if desired.

2. Background Plants are the “Bones”

Background plants such as trees, tall shrubs, or vines create the structure your hot tub landscaping is built around. Trees and shrubs will take some time to grow, but there are speedier options. You could splurge on a good-sized Japanese maple in a large pot. The full lacy foliage creates a romantic atmosphere as well as a privacy screen. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant you could put in big containers around your hot tub. The Zen-like mood it creates is the perfect accompaniment to relaxing soaks in the hot tub. Lastly, consider vines that grow quickly and can be trained to grow on lattices.

3. Enjoy Seasonal Color

A splash of seasonal color from annuals or perennials is an eye-pleasing addition to the landscaping around your hot tub. Annuals are very easy to switch out once they begin looking tired. You could go with a pastel palette for spring and early summer, switch to chrysanthemums for the fall and stick in some holly or cyclamen in the winter. One lovely suggestion for people who enjoy hot tubbing under the stars is to plant pots with all white flowers, creating a “moon garden”.

4. Delight Your Sense of Smell

Putting essential oils or other aromatherapy products in your hot tub is a bad idea. But you can surround yourself with plants that emit lovely scents which enhance physical and mental health. Lavender, rose, jasmine, camomile, rosemary, and honeysuckle all provide all the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy without gunking up the works of your hot tub.

5. Overhead Enchantment

While you are lounging back in your hot tub, imagine gazing up at some unexpectedly lovely sights. Hanging baskets with spilling flower displays are an eye-pleasing touch. Take things a step further and create the ultimate romantic atmosphere with fairy lights or even a chandelier overhead. Sipping something bubbly under dreamy outside lighting and abundant floral displays is something that promotes closeness with your loved ones and makes memories.

6. Relaxing Furniture

Including some comfortable furniture around your hot tub is essential. A couple of comfortable chairs and a small table to set drinks or a candle on make for a lovely spot to relax before or after bathing.

7. Soothing Sounds

Nothing reduces stress more than the sound of water in the background. Cover up background noise and provide a calming vibe that sets the mood for relaxation. The addition of a small wall fountain takes up no room and provides an element of tranquility that will delight your sense of hearing.   These 7 landscaping tips for your hot tub are all elements that please the senses. Creating a private space with additions that appeal to sight, smell, physical comfort, and hearing delights everyone who uses it and makes it the most sought-after spot in your home. Have questions about your hot tub? Contact Fronheiser Pools for more information.
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