7 Smokin’ Hot Trends in Swimming Pool Design for 2019

Find the latest swimming pool design trends with Fronheiser Pools.
Swimming pool design has become a much more significant part of your exciting swimming pool purchase. Amenity trends available for the growing Pennsylvania “aquaculture” have transformed the pool design process. A mere 20 years ago, pool customer choices were:
  • Inground or above ground.
  • Vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite.
  • Round or square.
Today, buyers can consult directly with expert pool designers like the incredible designers at Fronheiser. Also, designers have the technologies and the skills to create a unique pool that fits your dreams and your budget. Features unimaginable a few years ago are now doable and affordable. For instance, here are a few of the latest, greatest, up-to-date trends in swimming pool design for 2019.

Swimming Pool Designs: Tanning Ledges

Once limited to the ultra-luxurious pools of all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, partially submerged tanning ledges create a place to locate lounge chairs for relaxation, reading, or socializing. You can be sitting partially in the water, while thoroughly enjoying the experience of reading that new best-seller.

Single Depth Pools Trends

Many families are finding that a four- to five-foot pool depth provides a greater sense of security for children, the elderly, and less-accomplished swimmers. Those who might have been uncomfortable in the deep end no longer have a deep end to fear.

Fire & Lights

Swimming pool design has kept pace with and taken advantage of advances in technology in multiple ways. Programmable LED lighting systems can change from one color scheme to another. You can change the sensory perception according to your preference throughout the evening using a wireless remote. Fire pits continue to gain popularity poolside. Typically, designers position them around the pool perimeter. However, others place them on patios and under pergolas. It’s even possible to create a conversation nook around a fire pit that extends into the center of your pool. In addition, a center-of-the-pool fire pit is an eye-drawing (and eye-popping) focal point. Imagine an evening around the fire while being surrounded by the ambiance of LED-highlighted water.

Spectacular Interior & Exterior Finishes

There are many ways to create a stylish swimming pool design for the interior. The emergence of vinyl interiors for inground pools has opened a treasure trove of colors and patterns to make every pool distinctly different. Customers have learned that the deck around the pool is as important as the pool itself. This is particularly true in southeastern Pennsylvania where moderate spring and fall temperatures make partying poolside preferable to being in the water.

See-Through Walls

Acrylic panels are used as see-through walls between pools and spas and “wet edges” that emulate the infinity pool appearance. Acrylic panel walls are ideal for custom pools in a multi-level yard. The landscape and the pool become one.

Wi-Fi Smart Pools

Wi-Fi technology is just beginning to set new trends in swimming pool design. We have smartphones, smart TVs, and smart homes. Why not smart pools? Control lighting colors and intensity, the water temperature, and the fire pit from your mobile devices. Even robotic pool cleaners are now available with Wi-Fi.

3-D Design Technology

The entire Fronheiser Pools team is committed to using our 3-D swimming pool design technology to help create a pool that you’ve only dreamed of dreaming of. Using advanced digital technology, we will work together with you to transform your invisible dream into a realistic rendering of the pool that will grace your backyard. Drop by one of our showrooms in Bally or Sinking Spring. Take some time to talk with one of our designers. Watch your pool take shape digitally before your eyes. You will be one day closer to waking up to your own exquisite pool paradise.
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