8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Utility Bills Low with a Hot Tub

lower utility bills with a hot tub
Some people close up their hot tubs for the winter. Many others swear that winter is the best time to use it. Some reasons people love to use their spa in the colder seasons of the year are the appealing contrast between the cold outside air and the heat of the water, using it to soothe muscles before and after workouts, and maintaining spa connected health benefits such as better sleep, improved immunity, and stress relief. You may hesitate to keep your hot tub open during the winter for fear of increased utility bills. Not to worry. We have 8 pro tips for keeping your utility bills low with a hot tub no matter what the temperature is outside.

Make Sure You Have a Good Cover

Don’t let heat escape! Your hot tub cover needs to be well fitting and insulated to maintain the temperature at which it is set. Do not be tempted to skimp on a quality cover. Ideally, it will be custom made for your specific hot tub. One size does not fit all.

Use a Floating Thermal Blanket

A floating thermal blanket provides additional insulation to lock heat in and save energy costs.

Lower the Thermostat When Not in Use

If you use your hot tub daily, keep the temperature set at around 95°. Turn it up to your desired bathing temperature before you use it. If you use your spa only a few times a week, lower the temperature to 80°. It takes relatively little time to come up to temperature once you turn up the heat.

Heat Your Spa During Non-Peak Hours

You can save money on your utility bill if you set your spa thermostat to heat during non-peak hours when rates are lower. 

Increase Your Spa’s Ability to Hold Heat

Add additional insulation to increase your hot tub’s ability to hold heat. Additional insulation can keep that heat in and save you money on your electric bill.

Construct a Windbreak

Wind cools down your hot tub’s water quickly. If your hot tub is situated in a place that is windy, you can set up a windbreak to block it. Shrubs, plants on a trellis, a wind screen, or a panel of shutters will all do the job.

Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

Dirty water takes a toll on your hot tub’s heating and filter systems, making the heater work harder to keep the temperature where you want it. Regular cleaning (including the filter) will have your equipment working efficiently. 


Sometimes, there is no getting around it. If you have an older hot tub model, it may be a losing battle to keep the water temperature where you want it in the winter. It may be time to upgrade to one of the new energy-efficient models. It is true that the new models are better for the environment, but they will also save you a lot of money on your utility bill. New models have many thoughtfully engineered features that will make owning a hot tub convenient and cost effective. Fronheiser Pools is proud to carry Caldera Spas®, which are known for their many efficiency, hydrotherapy and comfort upgrades. In particular, Caldera Spas have features that hold in heat, such as dense FiberCor® insulation and EnergyPro® heaters and circulation pumps for top-of-the-line energy efficiency.  The key to reducing your winter hot tub related energy costs is to retain heat. And there’s no better way to do that than with Fronheiser Pools. We hope these 8 pro tips for keeping your utility bills low with a hot tub have proved useful. Keep that heat in and you will reduce the effort your spa equipment needs to put out to maintain the temperature. If you need a new hot tub, we have incredible models that can dramatically decrease your utilities. You will be happily using your hot tub all winter long while saving money!
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