Are All Hot Tub Covers the Same?

all hot tub covers are not the same
When you plan for your new hot tub, you may not be thinking about the type of cover that you will use on it. Your imagination may not have moved on from the image of yourself soaking in the lovely warm water and enjoying all the hydrotherapy benefits a hot tub provides. However, it turns out that the hot tub cover is an important feature that serves several purposes. Are all hot tub covers the same? No, not at all. Several types of hot tub covers are available, each with its pros and cons. Of course, you know that a hot tub cover is a piece of material that sits on top of the hot tub to protect it when not in use. But is that its only purpose? What are the different types of hot tub covers and which one may be best for you?

What Purpose Do Hot Tub Covers Serve?

First, a hot tub cover protects your spa from the elements and ensures that it will last longer and stay in good condition. Second, a hot tub cover keeps your spa clean by keeping out dirt, bugs, and debris when you are not using it. That means less work for you as well as fewer chemicals needed for maintenance. Third, a hot tub cover saves you money by its insulating properties — keeping the heat inside the hot tub where it belongs. Lastly, hot tub covers are a safety feature, particularly if it has a locking mechanism to keep children and pets from harm.

Soft Hot Tub Covers

The least expensive type of hot tub cover is a soft cover that stretches over the top of your spa and is held in place with fasteners that attach it to the spa cabinet. These covers are made of durable vinyl material. Usually, an air pillow is used with them to support the cover from built-up rainwater. While affordable, these covers have little thermal properties and offer the least insulation and safety.

Vinyl Hot Tub Covers

Vinyl covers are the most popular choice of hot tub cover and will probably be what comes to mind when you envision one. They are made up of a vinyl-covered core of foam insulation, and typically have a hinge in the center. They are made to fit the dimensions of your hot tub exactly and provide a high level of insulation. They are moderately heavy and may require more than one person to remove them from the spa. Over time, if the vinyl is punctured, the foam can absorb moisture, making it even heavier. 

Hot Tub Cover Lifts

A hot tub cover lift makes getting the cover off your spa a much easier process. If you have a cover lifter, the convenience factor may mean that you use your spa more often. Most cover lifters have a bar positioned by the fold in the cover. You unclip the child safety locks holding the cover in place, and then fold the cover back over the bar. Glide it back once more and the cover mechanically goes all the way back off the surface and is held firmly in place. One person can achieve the removal in seconds. Fronheiser Pools offers cover lifters that operate seamlessly with your Caldera Spa®

Automated Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The ultimate in hot tub cover lifters is an automated one. This type of lifter is great for convenience, energy savings, and durability. They are fully automated, and easily operated by the simple turn of a key that avoids any handling on your part. This type of cover may come with a gazebo option that rises over the top of the spa, providing privacy as well as protection from the elements. A luxurious automated spa cover of this sort is going to be the more expensive option, but its convenience and longevity make it an appealing choice. Are all hot tub covers the same? You can see there are a number of options differing in price, convenience, and quality. Your friendly and knowledgeable staff at Fronheiser Pools is on hand to answer your questions and help you make the decision on which type is best for you. Give us a call or stop by!  
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