5 Time-Saving Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

opening your swimming pool

With spring just around the corner, it is time to consider opening your swimming pool for the season. While the task can be time consuming, there are things you can have in place to make it go faster, like hiring the experts at Fronheiser Pools to do it for you! We have compiled our favorite […]

The Best Herbs to Plant Around Your Hot Tub

The best herbs to plant around your hot tub.

Creating the perfect space around your hot tub can take time. Our experts at Fronheiser Pools know some tips and tricks to help make your hot tub area a space you can relax in and be proud of. One of those is to create an herb garden around the hot tub itself. Not only will […]

5 Super Spring Break Staycation Ideas

hot tub , spas , staycation

Is our current economy making you consider how to save your money this spring break? Fronheiser Pools knows how you feel! Our experts have come up with a few recommendations on things you can enjoy doing for your staycation this spring break. We hope they bring your family just as much fun and enjoyment as […]

Are you planning a custom inground pool? Here’s what you need to know!

Custom inground pool built by Fronheiser Pools

Are you planning to build a custom inground pool this summer? Fronheiser Pools, your local Berks County and beyond experts, is here to guide you through the pool-building process with everything you need to know. We have been doing this for almost 60 years now and have seen it all. Building your custom inground pool […]

How many jets should a hot tub have?

hot tub , spas , Burks County

If you are shopping for a hot tub, you may be tempted to think that the number of jets in a hot tub is indicative of how nice the hot tub is. The experts at Fronheiser Pools know that this is just not the truth. While it can be good to have more jets, the […]

How long does it take to install an inground vinyl liner swimming pool?

vinyl liner swimming pool

While it will only take a week or two from the time you dig the hole for your inground vinyl liner swimming pool until your vinyl liner swimming pool has water in it and is ready to swim in, the process of building the pool is a little more complicated. Depending on the season, you […]

How Much Does a Vinyl Liner Replacement Cost?

vinyl liner replacement, Burks County

Prices listed are current at the time of publication. Prices are subject to change without notice. For the most current vinyl liner replacement cost for your pool, contact Fronheiser Pools! Is your pool’s vinyl liner looking tired and worn, or maybe it even has a hole in it? It is probably time to consider a […]

How to Manage Hot Tub Chemistry

Hot tub chemistry

Does the idea of trying to manage hot tub chemistry make your head hurt? Fronheiser Pools’ experts know it is so much simpler than you initially thought. With regular maintenance and monitoring of your hot tub chemistry, you shouldn’t have major problems keeping things under control. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Manage […]

Can You Really Have Any Pool Shape You Want?

pool shape

Can you really have any pool shape you want? When you are contracting with Fronheiser Pools, YES! We have been in the business of building custom gunite pools (or concrete pools) and vinyl pools since 1965. That is almost 60 years of experience in the pool industry. We can work with your backyard to make […]

Can Snow Ruin My Swimming Pool Cover? 

pool cover , inground swimming pool

Have you been letting snow accumulate on your swimming pool cover? Did you know that it could cause a lot of damage? Fronheiser Pools knows that Pennsylvania winters can be harsh, and snow, ice, and other debris can pile up on top of your cover, causing it to become heavy and potentially rip or tear. […]


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