Which Caldera Spa Is Best for My Family? Our Top 3 Picks

Caldera spa

As a Caldera® dealer, Fronheiser Pools can testify that Caldera Spas are high quality and worth the investment. But you might be wondering, “Which one is best for my family?” While it depends on what your needs are, there are a few hot tub models better suited for families — especially those with little ones.  […]

How to Know If You Need a New Spa Cover

Get a new spa cover from Fronheiser Pools.

A spa cover is one of the most essential spa supplies you have. They protect your hot tub against rain, debris, and even snow. But because they protect your spa against all the weather and seasons, they also can get worn down and need a replacement over time. The most important jobs of a hot […]

Should I Add Spa Chemicals Before or After I Have Company?

Use spa chemicals for hosting company.

There’s something about hot tubs that just makes people feel absolutely relaxed. Maybe it’s the water itself, or the bubbles, or the way they seem to cocoon you in warmth and tranquility. Whatever it is, people can’t help but unwind when they get into a hot tub. Add spa chemicals at just the right time […]

How to Host a Holiday Hot Tub Party

hot tub party

We know what you might be thinking. A holiday hot tub party, is that even a thing? As long as you have your own hot tub, such as a Caldera® spa from by Fronheiser, you can throw a holiday hot tub party in no time. We will guide you through some essential steps to throw your […]