Can a Hot Tub Help You Lose Weight?

Lose weight with a hot tub.

You’re hitting the gym regularly. You’ve chosen the right weight loss diet, and you’re sticking to it. Or maybe you already lost some weight and you’re highly motivated to keep it off for good this time! But can a hot tub help you lose weight? With a quality hot tub from Fronheiser Pools, you’re in […]

How to Work a Hot Tub Into a Home Remodel

home remodel

Home. It’s your favorite spot on earth, containing all of the people and things that you love. You already work hard to build an exceptional life, and now you are in the brink of a beautiful new home remodel. While you are updating the interior of your home, don’t forget to update the exterior! With […]

How Does a Hot Tub Affect Your Electric Bill?


Superior, spectacular, and steamy, your new hot tub is everything you ever dreamed it would be. A fantastic space for gathering with family and friends, you’ve built just the life that you desire. And with your backyard oasis looking pristine and welcoming, you may want to shout your pleasure to the whole world. As you […]

What is Hydrotherapy and How Can it Help?


With health at the top of the list this year it’s more important than ever to be boosting immunity and feeling your best. But who knew that building your body as a germ-fighting factory could be as enjoyable as slipping into a gorgeous spa full of the most luxurious warm water you ever could have […]

Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

Although getting your beach groove on and humming a little “feeling hot, hot, hot” is a blast on a summer day, it’s not so great when your hot tub is too hot. But how can you prevent your perfect backyard paradise from getting in the mood to overheat? We’re so glad you asked. Cool as […]

3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Fall


The days are cooling, the evenings are lengthening, and pretty soon it’s going to be your favorite season: HOT TUB SEASON! To get the party started for your gang, plan a hot tub opening night. Fill it with family, fun, food and the best in fall games. Try these enjoyable and exciting game choices for […]

3 Professional Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

3 Professional Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

Sultry summer days are turning to beautiful fall evenings. You have loved every bit of summer, and now it’s time to put away all the aquatic fun and get ready for sweatshirts, football, and cider. Although you absolutely adore all things fall, it’s always a bittersweet time of year. To make it easier, here are […]

3 Ways to Plan Ahead for Next Year’s Pool Installation


It may seem lightyears away, but the next pool building season will be here before you know it. And if you experienced the hustle and bustle of the current building season, you know the urgency people are feeling to get on builder’s pool schedules ASAP! Here are three easy ways to plan ahead for next […]


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