Build the Staycation of a Lifetime

Ahh, the sweet glimpse of sunny days has you rejuvenated and ready for adventure. But what do you do when your travel plans are unexpectedly put on hold? It’s easy to get discouraged when things are up in the air. Don’t fret. Instead, use this time as an excellent opportunity to invest in all your favorite vacation amenities at home! Here are a handful of ways to build the staycation of a lifetime.

Together at Last

Ultimately, the top goal for any vacation is an enjoyable, dedicated time spent making memories together. Don’t think that you need a luxurious vacation at a resort or on a cruise to make that happen. One of the greatest things you can do is to plan the staycation of your dreams. What’s a staycation, you ask? It’s where you have dedicated, impactful time to vacation at home! Staycations are ultra-fun, super-relaxing, and oh-so-relational. It’s truly the perfect way to get the entire family involved. And Fronheiser Pools can help you build the retreat that will leave you longing to be at home all year round. Build the Staycation of a Lifetime

Add Amenities

With the enormous savings of staying home this year, you’ve got investment power to turn your boring backyard into your own private vacation retreat. With over 50 years of pool, spa and outdoor furnishing experience, Fronheiser knows a little something about turning your run-of-the-mill outdoor space into the backyard aquascape of your dreams. Consider adding some aquatic amenities like a stunning in-ground pool or a sparkling, steamy Caldera® hot tub. Connect your new space with incredible outdoor dining, seating, or an exquisite fire table area. You’ll have a dedicated space to retreat together each and every day of the year.

Make Things Exciting

With a family staycation, it’s so easy to mix it up and make things exciting! While you’re adding a backyard pool or hot tub, ask your family members what could make the experience even better? Maybe some fun floats or waterproof games? Or, how about an outdoor pool-side movie? Just throw up a screen or a bedsheet and stream your favorite movie from the comfort of home. You can even play games in your hot tub! After you come out of the water, throw in a little backyard barbecue magic and have dinner in your brand-new outdoor dining room. The opportunities for fantastic family fun are limitless.

Stay Safe on Your Staycation

When life hands you lemons, there’s always a way to make lemonade. With a fabulous staycation, you’ll be able to rest and relax. So, put your mind and your heart at ease. Not only will your staycation be a blast, your family will be safe – limiting travel exposure. Your family will be home – right where you belong. And your family will be together – the very best place to be. So, turn those lemons into the sweetest warm-weather magic with the best backyard staycation you could have ever imagined. Staycations are ultra-fun, super-relaxing, and incredibly relational. Plus, you’ll get to sleep in your own soft bed! It’s truly the perfect way to plan when everything is up in the air. So, put aside your travel worries. You’ve come to the right place. With financing available, building a staycation at home couldn’t be easier – all with a little help from Fronheiser Pools. We’ve got the best products available to make your backyard one of the most beautiful retreats you’ve ever seen. Call us today at 610.845.2221 to see how Fronheiser can help you build the staycation of a lifetime.
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