Can a Hot Tub Help You Lose Weight?

Lose weight with a hot tub.
You’re hitting the gym regularly. You’ve chosen the right weight loss diet, and you’re sticking to it. Or maybe you already lost some weight and you’re highly motivated to keep it off for good this time! But can a hot tub help you lose weight? With a quality hot tub from Fronheiser Pools, you’re in luck!

Lose Weight with a Hot Tub

A hot tub does burn calories, which is the whole point of those 45-minute gym sessions. Hot tubs also produce other excellent effects from working out, including lowering blood pressure and inducing healthy sleep patterns, both of which produce positive health benefits. Soaking in a hot tub just burns calories quite a bit more slowly than a strenuous workout. Hot tubs burn calories at a rate of approximately 17 calories per 20-minute session. That might not impress you too much. But when combined with a smart workout routine and healthy eating plan, hot tub use can support weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight after you meet your goal, and improving your overall health in the process.

Hot Tubs and Circulation

Using a hot tub can help increase your circulation, too. This, in turn, can help to boost your metabolism. Additionally, when your muscles are relaxed, your body burns more calories. And, of course, being in a hot tub can also help to reduce stress levels, which is always a good thing when it comes to weight loss! If you are looking for a way to burn some extra calories apart from adding another 15 minutes on the treadmill, a hot tub might be a good option for you. Additionally, using a hot tub can also help to tone your muscles. Soaking in a hot tub simulates exercise as your circulation increases and your metabolism speeds up from sitting in the hot water. Hot tubs are also a great way to relax after a long day or a tough workout and can help prevent much of the soreness associated with increasing the intensity of your exercise. By relaxing your muscles in the hot water, you can help to reduce stress and tension and eliminate the aches and pains that so often keep you out of the gym. This, in turn, can help to promote weight loss.

A Hot Tub is Great Motivation to Lose Weight

A hot tub soak shouldn’t replace your daily exercise routine (sigh, bummer), but if you are looking for a way to burn some extra calories or to tone your muscles, using a hot tub can add some fun to your fitness routine – and even serve as motivation to continue when things get tough. Promise yourself a 20-minute relaxing spa soak after getting in your daily workout. That’s motivation enough for us! It is safe to use a hot tub on a daily basis. Just stay hydrated (which you should always do, especially if you’re working out) and make sure your doctor is roped in anytime you make changes to your health and fitness routine.

Where Can I Find a Hot Tub for Weight Loss Support?

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the reasons why using a hot tub can be beneficial for those looking to lose weight. Fronheiser Pools is proud to offer a great selection of hot tubs at various price points. From the affordable Freeflow® spas to the elegant and feature-packed Caldera® spas, visit our showroom or browse our online selection to find the spa that ideally matches your home, lifestyle, health routines, and life goals. We can’t wait to see which hot tub you choose to help you maintain your health!  
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