Can Snow Ruin My Swimming Pool Cover? 

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Have you been letting snow accumulate on your swimming pool cover? Did you know that it could cause a lot of damage? Fronheiser Pools knows that Pennsylvania winters can be harsh, and snow, ice, and other debris can pile up on top of your cover, causing it to become heavy and potentially rip or tear. Here’s how to protect your cover throughout the winter months.

Winter Pool Cover Damage

Although many of us are sad to close up our pools for winter, the proper pool closing and covering can help keep your pool safe during the winter months as you look forward to the splendid days of spring. And in the northeast, there’s nothing worse than pool cover damage during the winter. Snow that piles up can be heavy, causing older or subpar covers to rip and tear under the weight. But are there ways to prevent this type of damage and unnecessary expense? At Fronheiser Pools, we have just the tips you need to protect your swimming pool cover this winter.

How Can I Prevent the Damage from Happening?

As Benjamin Franklin once wisely said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Being proactive and attentive, you can make life easier for yourself and keep the snow from ruining your swimming pool cover with these three easy tips.

Use a Broom or Snow Blower to Blow the Loose Powder Off the Cover

Use whatever you have on hand to move snow (not a shovel or anything sharp that would tear the cover). Getting anything that is still soft and loose off before damage is done is a huge help. Use a snow blower for loose, powdery snow. For snow that is thick and heavy, you can brush it off with a long-handled broom. Moving the snow off the cover quickly will help with sagging and tearing that can happen when snow is left on your pool cover for too long.

Re-check the Swimming Pool Cover Straps

If you have a solid or mesh winter pool cover, you’ll want to re-check the straps after a big snow. Clear off the weight of the snow first and then pull the straps to tighten your cover back into place. This will ensure that your cover is in the best position for the next time the snow falls.

Place a Pool Cover Pump in the Center to Pump Off Excess Water

Do you have extra water runoff from melting snow that is pooling on top of your cover? You can place a pool cover pump on a solid winter cover to remove excess water from melting snow. This will allow you to turn it on when you know the snow is starting to melt. Remove water easily without a ton of manual labor. With these tips, it’s easy to keep your cover clean this winter and to prevent damage.

Find Your Replacement Pool Cover at Fronheiser Pools

If you find yourself in need of a new cover, GLI® mesh and solid safety cover replacements are available from Fronheiser Pools. Call us today at (610) 634-8357 or stop by one of our Berks County locations to order a cover that will last your pool through many years of harsh Pennsylvania winters.
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