Can You Really Have Any Pool Shape You Want?

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Can you really have any pool shape you want? When you are contracting with Fronheiser Pools, YES! We have been in the business of building custom gunite pools (or concrete pools) and vinyl pools since 1965. That is almost 60 years of experience in the pool industry. We can work with your backyard to make the most out of your space. We will even design landscaping and any extras you may need using our 3D technology so that you can see what a difference a custom pool can make before we begin the work. 

Your Pool Shape Should Flow with the Rest of Your Backyard

Choosing the best pool shape for your yard is sometimes more complex than placing a rectangle. That is why we pride ourselves on being able to help you make a natural-looking pool that makes the best use of your backyard space. We can help you find an organic or modern shape that adds to the beauty of your backyard.  We can also help you select varying colors to make the water everything you want it to be. Adding different hues to the vinyl or concrete in your pool will change the tint of the water. You can make a tropical oasis with water that appears greener or create the ultimate modern space with a deep navy, almost black appearance to your water as well. From traditional blue to unique specialty colors, any shape of pool can be a dramatic addition to your backyard.

You Need to Consider the Landscaping Around Your Pool

In addition to helping you find the perfect pool shape for your oasis, we will add more finishing touches by planning the landscaping with you. Adding the perfect landscaping options will make your pool area feel complete, enhancing the shape and flow of your pool space.

Think About Furniture Placement and How It Will Flow

We can also help you select furniture and place it perfectly around the pool area. We will help to create conversation areas and seating arrangements to complement the pool shape design itself. With a stunning array of backyard furnishings to choose from, your backyard oasis will come together quickly.

Add Things Specific to Your Family’s Wants and Needs

We can also discuss specific features your family may want or need in your pool. Things like a beach entry so everyone can enter regardless of their mobility is a wonderful option. Or maybe you want a swim-up bar for entertainment. We can factor that into your custom pool shape to ensure everything flows.

Don’t Forget About a Hot Tub!

Finally, don’t forget the cherry on top — a hot tub! Adding a hot tub to your custom pool will allow you to enjoy your oasis year-round, no matter what pool shape you choose. A hot tub can make the perfect finishing touch.  Our experts have the experience needed to make sure no matter what pool shape you choose, you will have a backyard that is the envy of the neighborhood. Our online gallery is full of fun ideas and styles to get you dreaming. You can also view our 3D designs on our website as well. At Fronheiser Pools, we can’t wait to make your dreams come true.  
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