Can Your Hot Tub Move With You?

You’re planning to move! But now you’re standing in the backyard looking at your hot tub with worry. It’s big and heavy and operates on its own electrical circuit. Has it become a permanent addition to your current home? Is it even possible to take it with you? Relax! It is. Unless your hot tub is built-in to your home or deck (meaning there’d be big hole left behind if you removed it), your hot tub is portable, and you can take it with you when you move. Even though a hot tub is heavy, moving it is pretty straightforward. Whether you’re planning to hire movers or do it yourself, here’s what to do. 

At Your New Home

Just like when you first bought your hot tub, you’ll need to prepare in advance for its arrival. Select the best site for your hot tub to sit. Not sure right off where to place it? Read this for what you should consider before situating your spa. We recommend a 4” thick concrete pad as the foundation, but you may be able to use your existing patio or deck. Just have a contractor inspect it first and make modifications if needed to bear the weight. Then, have a certified electrician prepare the electrical connections.  If you’re hiring professionals to handle your move, double-check that they’re experienced hot tub movers, and that they are licensed and insured. Planning to do it yourself? Here’s what to do:

How to Move Your Hot Tub

Hot tub or not, moving is expensive, which explains why many people opt to skip hiring movers and handle it themselves. If this is you, follow these guidelines:
  • Gather your supplies. You’ll need two pallets, two pallet jacks, moving straps and blankets, and possibly plywood (that you can lay over uneven surfaces like grass or gravel to form a flat path).
  • Prepare your hot tub. First, drain and clean it. Then pack up the cords, pumps, blowers, etc. Use electrical tape to close off the disconnected electrical wires.   
  • On moving day, enlist several of your friends to help (preferably 5 or more).
  • Lift the hot tub a few inches off the ground and slide the two pallets under it. It’s okay if you tilt your hot tub on its side so it fits through the gate. Place the pallets so that one will be at the front and one at the rear of the hot tub as you maneuver it down the path to the moving trailer. 
  • Use the two pallet jacks to lift the hot tub. Since they’re placed at opposite ends, the idea is that one jack is pulling while the other pushes the hot tub. If you have to move across anything but concrete, line your path with plywood to make it flat.
  • Roll or lift the hot tub onto the trailer or truck and strap it securely. 
  • Cover it with moving blankets for protection. 
Don’t forget that when you purchased your hot tub with us, you became part of the Fronheiser family! So, if you have questions about how to safely move your hot tub, give us a call at (610) 845-2221, or stop by either of our locations
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