Children’s Swimming Lessons – 5 Reasons Every Parent Should Invest in Them

It is entirely possible that children’s swimming lessons will put the biggest possible smiles on their faces both now and for a lifetime. Seeing those smiles should be reason enough to invest in swimming lessons for your kids. It assures you that they enjoy being in the water. In the years to come, you and they will reminisce about this part of their childhood. It is a different story for kids who don’t learn how to swim. They are afraid to be around water. It is a fear that will remain for the rest of their lives unless they learn how to swim. Swimming lessons not only teach your children how to swim, but they also teach your kids how to be comfortable around water.

1. Children’s Swimming Lessons Build Self-Confidence

Without the self-confidence of knowing how to swim, your child may grow to adulthood missing out on other opportunities like sailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, water skiing, or surfing. Non-swimmers will typically fear to engage in these fun experiences. A few may prove to be foolhardy and put themselves into unnecessarily dangerous situations in which only swimmers should participate.

2. Children’s Swimming Lessons Teach Safety

Lessons are not limited to learning strokes. Your kids will learn about safety in and around the water. Instructors teach them to know their limits and how to recognize potentially unsafe swimming conditions. This is a critical combination because, as time goes by, your children will morph into teenagers. Teenagers are a strange breed who tend to cast their fears to the winds. Establishing healthy water safety boundaries in them as children could be essential to their survival as teenagers.

3. Swimming Lessons Protect Your Investment in Your Children

Swimming lessons aren’t really an investment. Your children are your investment. The lessons are inexpensive insurance policies you buy to help protect your valuable investments. Your objective is to preserve, shape, and launch your children on a fruitful and prosperous life. Failing to equip them with the skills of swimming and water safety unnecessarily endangers them while they are children and for years to come.

4. Sobering Statistics about Swimming

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers some sobering statistics that should prompt every parent to invest in swimming lessons for their children. “Participation in formal swimming lessons” has proven to “reduce the risk of drowning” among children four years old and younger. Drowning is the second-leading cause of “unintentional injury-related deaths” for this age group. It is also the second-leading cause of death for any reason in this age group. Similarly, drowning is the fifth-leading cause of “unintentional injury-related deaths” for all ages in the United States. That translates to an average of more than 3,500 fatalities per year. About 700 of those were 14 years of age or younger. Another 3,500 children age 14 or younger received ER treatment for non-fatal drowning incidents. More than 1,750  of those treated in the ER required extended hospitalization for drowning-related injuries. Not one of those children woke up that morning expecting to drown. Neither did their parents expect them to. We can only imagine the difference formal swimming lessons could have made for each of them. This is a serious matter, but we don’t want to end on a downer. Let’s reframe this by remembering that one of your objectives is to protect your children – now and in the future. So, let’s end with another riddle. What extra benefit will your children get when you invest in swimming lessons for them? That’s easy!

5. Your children are going to have lots of fun! And you’re going to love watching their big smiles!

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