Don’t Stop Now! Continue Enjoying Your Hot Tub All Summer with CoolZone

By this point in the year, we are all looking forward to sunshine and warmer weather. Have you been enjoying your hot tub during the cooler months of the year? Many people enjoy the contrast between the cold outdoor temperatures and the warmth of the water. In fact, your hot tub may get the majority of its use between October and April. Our hot tubs serve us well for reducing stress, sleeping better, soothing sore muscles, and so much more. In the past, perhaps you have stopped using your hot tub once the weather warms up. When the temperature is over 80, soaking in the hot tub may lose some of its appeal. But wait — it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t stop now! Continue enjoying your hot tub all summer with CoolZone™.

What is CoolZone?

CoolZone from Caldera® Spas is an easily installed technology that can convert your hot tub into a cool tub with the touch of a button. It works very much as your home’s air conditioner does and can heat or cool your hot tub water temperature from 60° to 104°. This means you can use your hot tub year-round regardless of the outside temperature. You mean use your hot tub in summertime? You bet you can with CoolZone.

Refresh After Work

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work, hot and sticky from your commute, and cranky from the uncomfortable heat of the day. CoolZone to the rescue! Many people agree that setting the temperature of the water down to 70° to 75° provides the perfect environment for a refreshing cooling off dip. You will feel positively transformed in your mood and comfort level afterwards. And if you think you may want to enjoy the benefits of a warmer soak later in the cool of the evening, you can adjust the temperature upwards for a session of hydrotherapy or relaxed stargazing in a few hours.

Cold Water Therapy

Immersion in cold water is something that doctors recommend for muscle recovery and to improve athletic performance. Also, cold-water therapy can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and ease muscle soreness after a workout. A cold-water hot tub may sound contradictory, but with CoolZone technology, it is easily done.

Family Gathering Spot

We all know the frustration of trying to get our older kids to put down their digital devices and join in a family activity. They might be more easily convinced to join family activities centered around the hot tub if the water temperature is a cool and refreshing escape from the heat of the day. Your hot tub can become the location for fun and family games which include kids of all ages. With a cooler water temperature, you can even include younger children. With CoolZone, you can get the most out of your hot tub and create a family gathering place where everyone can escape the heat of summer. Just because it’s called a “hot tub” doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a scorching hot day. Don’t stop now! Continue enjoying your hot tub all summer with CoolZone™.  Contact the professionals at Fronheiser Pools for more information on installing CoolZone on your Caldera hot tub before the heat of summer sets in.
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