Do I Have to Have a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

Looking to bring home a hot tub? We know that you, like every homeowner, are concerned with safety. You know that your hot tub needs a barrier of protection. Often, people ask, “Do I have to have a fence around my hot tub?” Well… it all depends on your location. Let’s explore your options. Plus, always make sure to check the requirements of your local municipality.

Hot Tub Fence? Or Another Option?

No matter your geographic location, your hot tub is required to have an approved barrier. Here in Fronheiser’s Bally and Sinking Spring surrounding areas, there is no need for a fence. However, your hot tub MUST have a safety cover that meets ASTM F 1346 requirements.  The ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) guidelines state that your hot tub cover must be lockable. Also, it must be capable of supporting 275 pounds and sport a label with a message about the dangers of drowning. You can rest assured, knowing that the cover that comes with a new spa from Fronheiser will always meet these guidelines.  Spa covers are the general standard throughout the country. There are still municipalities in the US with more stringent safety regulations. In some municipalities, a fence around your hot tub is a requirement, regardless of what type of cover you have. If you are not in the Berks County area, or if you move, be sure to check your new county’s regulations.

There’s No Reason to Delay

There’s great news for our local customers! You, as well as most hot tub owners in the US, can skip the expense of a fence for your hot tub. Your hot tub area will be a safe place with an outstanding, locking hot tub cover. Fronheiser Pools is pleased to offer Jacuzzi, Caldera and Freeflow hot tubs — all incredible options for the best hot tub experience available. At Fronheiser, we know that designing a backyard oasis that you love is of utmost importance. We offer different promotions throughout the year to get you into the spa of your dreams. With approved financing, you’ll be able to bring home your steamy hot tub sooner than you can imagine. Call us today, or stop in to see the fantasic, transformational options that meet all the safety requrements you need for the ultimate in hot tub relaxation. It is our great honor to serve you seven days a week.    
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