Do I Really Need a Swimming Pool Fence?

Are you required to have a fence around your swimming pool? The short answer is YES. An inground pool is the star of your yard. Its waters beckon everyone to jump in and feel refreshed. But you don’t want anyone (or anything) jumping into your pool without your permission. A swimming pool fence is the first line of defense to keep uninvited guests, pets, children, and even wild animals from gaining access to your swimming pool. Most states require fencing around swimming pools, but those laws can vary from one place to another. The laws in Pennsylvania are pretty straightforward.

Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Fence Requirements

To ensure maximum safety, fences around swimming pools have very strict requirements. Local laws vary by city, county, and even homeowners association, but your swimming pool fence should meet the following requirements. If you have a body of water that’s more than 24 inches deep, it’s considered a swimming pool. As the homeowner, you’re responsible for meeting all swimming pool safety standards. The swimming pool must have a fence on all sides; that fence should be at least four feet high. Above ground pools that are 48 inches high don’t need a fence. Instead, they must have a removable or locking ladder. When the pool isn’t in use, the ladder must be secured. Inground pools need a self-closing and latching gate. A house can be the fourth side of the fence, but only if all doors that lead to the pool have an audible warning device that sounds when the door is opened. If you have a gate between the door and the pool, the audible warning device isn’t required. While you’re researching swimming pools, check out our Project Galleries Archive. Even though the swimming pools are the centerpiece, there are several photos where you can see the swimming pool fences. Our expert team knows exactly what you need to build a swimming pool fence for your backyard. We’re standing by to answer any questions and to help however we can.  
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