Do more jets make a better spa?


Shopping for a hot tub? There’s a lot on your mind! From the seating configuration and the number of people the spa will hold, to the size of the spa itself. And don’t forget about all the other accessories like lighting, water features and even entertainment systems!

No matter which of these you’re currently thinking about, we know one that’s sure to be at the top of your list: Jets.

A word to the wise – while considering the jets and the configuration is important, don’t get caught up in the number of them. Because it’s not the NUMBER of jets that matters. It’s the quality.

After all, you’re purchasing a hot tub for the hydromassage benefits, right? Improved sleep, soothed muscle pain, stress relief – you get all these benefits from a great hydromassage. The hot tub that will provide the best massage will have just the right number of quality jets, configured to hit those target zones like the back of your neck, your back and your legs.

Today, you’ll find some of the best on the market in Jacuzzi and Caldera hot tubs. Take Jacuzzi’s exclusive PowerPro adjustable jets – designed to deliver the perfect mix of air and water for a high-flow, low-pressure massage. Or Caldera’s strategically placed jets, carefully located so you can move positions in the spa and receive a targeted massage based on your seating location.

As you can see, it’s not the quantity that matters. It’s the quality, and the thoughtful design top-level manufacturers put into their designs.

While you’re shopping, you’ll see there’s no shortage of manufacturers who pack dozens of jets into their tubs. But take a closer look, and you’ll realize more isn’t better. And when you’re investing in a hot tub, BETTER is where it’s at!

Questions? Come see us – we’d love to help you choose the hot tub that’s perfect for you!

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