Enjoy Your Pool to the Max This Summer

Are you making the most of your pool? Or are you doing all the cleaning and maintenance while everyone else is having fun? You deserve to have a great time around your pool too. You probably have a schedule for all the chores involved in maintaining your pool. How about making a schedule for actually taking advantage of all the benefits your pool has to offer? We have some tips on how you can enjoy your pool to the max this summer. Read on for some great ideas!  

Plan a “Me” Day

This will take some advance planning. Schedule a half-day off work. Better yet, go for it and take the whole day. Best to arrange for the kids to have a play date elsewhere, as you want the place all to yourself. Leave your phone in the house. Gather up all your favorite snacks and drinks. Grab that summer bestseller you have on your “to be read” list. Slather on the sunscreen; put on your sun hat, and settle in on your favorite pool float for some serious relaxation. This isn’t the time to scrub the walls of the pool or balance your water chemistry. This is YOUR time to lay back and feel the sunshine and give in to the joys of total relaxation.  

Plan a Family Day

It’s only fair, right? You had your fun day all to yourself. Now it’s time to plan a fun day for the whole family to enjoy together. Schedule it on the calendar and talk it up in advance with the family. On the day of the party, marinate some steaks to grill later and make a couple of side dish salads to have ready when mealtime rolls around. Stock up on everyone’s favorite beverages and put them in a cooler to chill. Pick up some new pool toys or pool floats in advance. Invite the kids to come up with some fun group games to play in the pool. You may find this is such a memorable occasion that you will make it a regular part of your summer plans.  

Evening Stargazing

Consider investing in a fire table to gather around in the evenings. Cozy seating around a fire feature invites conversation and lingering far after the sun goes down. Brush up on your constellations and do some stargazing. Whether it is just you and your spouse, a group of friends, or the whole family, intimate gatherings by the pool make the best summer memories ever.  

Develop Some Fitness Goals

This past year many of us picked up a few extra pounds. If you are feeling out of shape, you might want to develop a fitness plan for yourself. Set a goal and plan some aquatic activities to help get you back on track. Your pool is right there in your backyard and could be a valuable tool in regaining your fitness. Swim laps or do water aerobics to tone those muscles and increase your strength. Keep track of your progress and watch your waistline get back to where you want it.    If you have not been making the most of your swimming pool, take advantage of some or all of our tips on how to enjoy your pool to the max this summer. Your pool is more than a place to cool off in the heat. You can create a retreat for yourself, your family, and your friends. Gather for relaxation, stay healthier, and make memories. Fronheiser Pools is your one-stop resource for creating the perfect backyard oasis this summer. 
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