Enjoy your Pool Without Making the Utility Company Rich


On a steamy summer day, is there anything better than jumping into the cool, refreshing water of your backyard pool? Nothing really beats it, does it?

Only problem is, it feels a little less refreshing when the utility bills come in. After all, water and electricity don’t come cheap. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain and keep it enjoyable all season long.

Water Usage

“Keep the water in the pool!” When you were little, your dad probably said it all the time. And it probably drove you nuts. But it turns out, he was on to something. When you have a pool, you’re going to lose water in a variety of ways – evaporation and backwashing you can’t do anything about. But the splashing … well, yeah. Get the kids and their friends to keep the splashing to a minimum and you’ll spend less money replacing the water, which means the water utility company will get a smaller cut of your monthly income.

For the kids, try low-splash activities like treasure hunts, diving games, and maybe invest in a few gadgets and toys to keep the fun going.

Electricity Usage

Pool pumps can use a surprising amount of energy. And you might not know that you don’t have to run your pump all the time to keep it sparkling clean. To save a little cash, try running the pump at night. You can contact us to find out exactly how long you need to run your pump, based on the size of your pool.

Bonus Tip

Beyond saving some money on your utilities, you can change the way you buy your supplies. Pool chemicals don’t spoil, so stocking up when they’re on sale and keeping the extra in your shed will help you save a few bucks.

It may still be cold outside, but pool season will be here before you know it. If you don’t have a backyard pool and want THIS year to be the year that changes, give us a call or stop by and we’ll help you think through type, budget and details.

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Now offering Curbside Water Testing by Appointment Only!

Visit us online to schedule your 15-minute water testing consultation.

Simply select your store location and choose from the appointment slots available. Due to limited availability, we will only be able to accommodate up to (1) water test per household per week until further notice and increased staffing. 

Bring your water test bottle with a sample of your pool or spa water to your scheduled appointment. Please label the test bottle with your name, and leave it in the marked bin by the front door. Then, just wait in your car while we perform the water test. We will call you with your results and our recommendations for the products you will need to balance your pool or spa water. If you’d like to go ahead and get those products while you are here, we can deliver those curbside, as well. Please know that our staff have been instructed to leave all chemical purchases outside of the front door. Unfortunately, we will be unable to load in your car at this time. Just let us know that you would like to purchase chemicals when we call with your test results, and we can process your order over the phone. Once we have completed your water test, we will leave a copy of the printed out test results, along with your empty test bottle, in the marked bin outside the front door.

Due to the limitations of staff and anticipated demand for this service, we ask that you please arrive on-time for your scheduled appointment to ensure that we can have enough time for a complete and accurate consultation. In order to keep you, our valued customer, and our staff safe, we ask that you please adhere to social distancing guidelines and give our staff at least 6’ of distance during this interaction. Thank you for being a loyal Fronheiser Pools customer!

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