For family hot tub fun remember: Safety first!

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Owning and enjoying a spa is a great family activity. But if you have small children (or grandchildren), there are additional safety considerations you should take into account.

The First Line of Defense

What’s your best bet in keeping the kids safe? Keep them out of the hot tub when you aren’t using it. Many quality spas come with a locking cover to prevent unauthorized entry. If yours doesn’t come with this type of cover, or you have an older hot tub cover, you can purchase the locking mechanism independently and install it.

Locking mechanisms that use keys are best – they’re unlikely to be outsmarted by your little ones. But if you don’t have this kind or you want even more protection, you can install a locking fence around your hot tub, similar to those often installed around swimming pools.

Age Matters

It can be tempting to take your baby into the spa with the rest of the family. But don’t give in to that temptation! No one younger than 5 should be allowed to use the hot tub – any younger, and their bodies have a hard time regulating to the warm temps of the spa. Babies and very young children can’t communicate this discomfort to you.

For children over the age of 5 but younger than their teen years, set the temp to 95-98 degrees Fahrenheit for safety, and don’t let them stay in longer than 10-15 minutes.

Other Safety Tips

  • Pregnant? Check with your doctor before using a hot tub.
  • Limit adult soaking time to no more than 30 minutes.
  • Make sure your spa’s suction drain is properly covered, and know the location of your emergency shut-off switch.

Whether your family hot tub is a plug-and-play Freeflow, a classic from the Jacuzzi line, or a roomy hot tub from Caldera, the best times will come knowing everyone is having a relaxing – and safe – time. And if you don’t have a hot tub yet, come see us today!

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