Give the Gift of Wellness with a Hot Tub

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Gift-giving is predicted to be more complicated this year. Supply chain issues, worker shortages, clogged ports, trucking industry snags, and high demand could all impact our holiday season, making it harder to get some items on our wish lists filled. Fronheiser Pools would like to suggest that you simplify things this year and give your family the gift of wellness with a hot tub. If you plan ahead and reserve one now, there is every chance one of the hot tubs we are expecting in December and January could be yours. Giving the gift of an experience rather than a pile of expendable gifts that will be forgotten by January, is a great idea. The wellness benefits you and your family will enjoy will continue to pay off into the new year and beyond. Read on to hear about the health benefits you can achieve with a hot tub.  

Emotional Wellness

  • Better Sleep. Soaking in the hot tub for 20 minutes before bedtime will cause your body temperature to rise. When you get out of the water, your core body temperature drops, signaling to your brain that you are ready for sleep. People report falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer after soaking in a hot tub.
  • Stress Relief. The soothing buoyancy of the water and the massage of the spa jets will do wonders to alleviate emotional and mental stress.
  • Improved Focus. As your body relaxes in the hot tub, so does your mind. You can go into a meditative state, lower your heart rate, and create feelings of well-being. Using the hot tub in the morning has the benefit of promoting focus and better concentration.

Pain Management

  • Back and Joint Pain. Soaking in a hot tub can soothe back and joint pain by relaxing muscles and tendons.
  • Arthritis. If you have arthritis, the heat of the water may help with inflammation and stiffness.
  • Headaches. Even headaches can be improved with a soak in the hot tub. The warm water and jet massage promote muscle relaxation, which can ease a tension headache and help you feel more like yourself again. 

Social Engagement

  • Friends. Enhance your social life with a hot tub. Experts tell us that people who engage with others on a regular basis experience better mental health and happiness. Also, adults who have social relationships live longer and are healthier.
  • Romance. Use your hot tub to reconnect with your partner. Involve all your senses and be in the moment with your partner. Schedule regular hot tub time together and enjoy renewed closeness and deeper conversations.
  • Family Time. Increase quality time with your family with regularly scheduled hot tub sessions. Play games, exercise together, have unexpected conversations, and be completely present in the moment without the distraction of electronic devices.
  You can still give your family a spectacular holiday gift this year, one that everyone—including you—will enjoy. Fronheiser Pools has hot tubs on order and is expecting a delivery in December. If you plan ahead, reserve (and make a deposit on) a hot tub, there is a good chance you will get one before they sell out. This year give the gift of wellness with a hot tub. Don’t wait; call our store now and talk to our sales team about reserving a hot tub. Imagine the expressions on your family members’ faces when they learn what you have done.
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