Great Pool Landscaping Ideas That Aren’t Tropical

If you have been planning a new swimming pool in your backyard, undoubtedly you have been considering great pool landscaping ideas. Don’t want to do the obvious tropical theme? We don’t blame you. Besides being somewhat overdone, growing tropical plants isn’t really conducive to our Berks County climate. The first step in planning the landscaping around your swimming pool is to determine the look or theme you want to create. Next, do your research to learn what plants would fit that theme and thrive in our local climate. To get you started, we’d like to share some great landscaping ideas that aren’t tropical.

Great Pool Landscaping Ideas: A Tranquil Zen Retreat

A Zen Garden is meant to be a simple, low-maintenance, and calming space. The Zen Garden typically is somewhat minimalist in appearance, without a lot of fussy plantings. This makes it ideal for landscaping around a pool. Large rocks are often statement pieces in the landscape. A water feature will add the element of sound in the background, which is extremely relaxing. Stone paver paths surrounding the pool are an authentic touch. Some designs feature a rocky dry stream bed with a decorative bridge crossing it. Stone lanterns or stone statuary pieces are tranquil add-on accessories. A cold-hardy Japanese maple is a beautiful landscaping accent that will be stunning all year long. Ornamental grasses and bamboo are great as well but should be kept in containers because they can be invasive.

Great Pool Landscaping Ideas: A Romantic Moonlight Garden

A charming pool landscape concept is the moonlight garden. In this type of garden, optimal plants are those that reflect moonlight or carefully placed lighting. Choose white flowers such as hydrangeas, peonies, climbing white roses, and white annuals such as impatiens and petunias. Plants and shrubs with silvery foliage are a perfect accompaniment to the white flowers. If you plant your specimens in light-colored concrete or cement planters, this will complement your selections and reflect light as well. Trees with light-colored bark will also show up well at night, especially with landscape lighting to highlight them. Furnish your patio furniture with white cushions and pillows to complete the look. A pool water feature such as arcing fountain streams would be a nice accent as well.

Great Pool Landscaping Ideas: Stay Cool in a Mediterranean Garden

Pleasing to the eye and low-maintenance, a Mediterranean-style garden is one that delights the senses. Typical of this style are terra cotta planters, filled with aromatic plants such as lavender and rosemary. This pool landscaping style often features wall fountains trickling water into a lower basin. This trickling sound is instantly mood-altering, creating a peaceful ambiance and overall sense of well-being. How about a sundial as a carefully placed accent? Wrought iron patio furniture with colorful cushions is an ideal choice for seating. Arrange your outdoor furniture under a shady pergola, arbor, or patio umbrella, and you have the perfect addition to complete the Mediterranean look.

Great Pool Landscaping Ideas: The English Garden

An English-style garden may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when planning your pool landscaping, but it can be very effective. If you love the look of grass around your pool, this landscaping style could be ideal for you. Imagine lush green lawns, accented by hedges, either for privacy or decoration. Curving flagstone pathways leading to the pool, and surrounding it is the perfect hardscape. Accent the pool area with stone urns filled with roses, perennials, or trailing herbs. For extra-special appeal, don’t shy away from combining all three! Consider a tiered fountain for your water feature and you will have the basic elements of a classic English garden. Strategically placed lighting is the crowning element of this pool landscaping idea. Putting in a new pool? How exciting! This is the perfect opportunity to transform your backyard landscaping. There are so many styles to choose from when renovating your backyard into the poolscape retreat of your dreams. We hope these great pool landscaping ideas that aren’t tropical have given you a place to start. Choose your theme, research appropriate plants for your climate, and you are on your way to creating a unique backyard oasis. When it comes to pool supplies, patio furniture, pool design, and maintenance, put Fronheiser Pools on speed dial! Our team of experts is on hand to take care of all your pool and spa needs.
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