Saltwater Spas: What Are the Health Benefits?

saltwater spa
Wait, what is a saltwater spa While the idea of a hot tub filled with salt water is either weird or wonderful or both, that’s not what we’re talking about. A saltwater spa is simply a hot tub or spa that uses salt to generate the chlorine that keeps your spa clean. A salt system has clear and definable health benefits and a range of other key advantages over conventional systems. Let Fronheiser Pools teach you about saltwater spas and their splendor.

The Secret Is in the Salt

How does a bit of (specialized and purified non-household) salt keep your spa pristine? It’s a simple yet spectacular system.  Saltwater systems transform salt into chlorine through a process called electrolysis. Saltwater flows over electrified plates within the generator, producing hypochlorous acid. Got all that, because there will be a quiz.* Hypochlorous acid is the very same sanitizer found in conventional chlorine treatments but without the harsh side effects. This means you enjoy crystal-clear water that’s gentle on your skin and kind to your eyes.

A Cycle of Sanitization

The brilliance behind saltwater spas lies in their self-sustaining cycle.  The water is then circulated through the hot tub and then back through the salt system, repeating the process.  This reduces the need for added chemicals and ensures consistent cleanliness and comfort, making every dip delightful. Not to mention, you only have to drain it every seven to eight months, compared to a traditional hot tub, which has to be drained every four months.

Tailored for Tenderness

Saltwater spas are a marvel for those with sensitive skin.  The softer water feels smoother and silkier, reducing the itchiness and irritation often associated with chemically treated water. Its tender touch enhances your spa experience, allowing you to soak longer and emerge feeling thoroughly rejuvenated. Saltwater spas also limit chlorine access to your eyes, mitigating the uncomfortable stinging and burning that comes with chlorine exposure.

Benefits Beyond the Bubbles

The advantages of owning a saltwater spa extend beyond basic hygiene.  A more natural approach to chlorination can help reduce the buildup of chloramines, notorious for causing that familiar chlorine odor, and further reduce potential irritation. Moreover, embracing a saltwater system is a step towards sustainability, producing fewer chemicals and less packaging waste. Every little step that makes our climate healthier makes us all healthier.

Saltwater Spas: Soak Longer, Replace Less

You’ll find your maintenance routine streamlined with a saltwater spa from Fronheiser Pools. The longevity of salt cells means you can soak in your spa longer between replacements. The saltwater filter innovations of our spas and hot tubs help keep your system running smoothly, ensuring your spa remains a sanctuary of health and happiness.

Why Choose Fronheiser Pools for Your Saltwater Spa?

At Fronheiser Pools, we are concerned with much more than selling the highest-quality pools, hot tubs, and patio furniture Our objective is to create a community of care with our customer family by delivering products and services that define quality, comfort, and long-lasting enjoyment. So let us join you on your journey to luxury, relaxation, and wellness. Whether you’re drawn to the gentle, feature-laden embrace of a Caldera® hot tub or the convenience and versatility of a Freeflow Spas® model, our spa options have a lot to offer.  Visit us at one of our stores in Bally or Sinking Spring or reach out online to discover how a saltwater spa can transform your backyard gathering place into a haven of wellness, relaxation, and sustainability. *We were kidding: There is no quiz.
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