The Best Reasons for Shopping Local vs. Shopping at a Traveling Hot Tub Expo

A couple looking at their new hot tub after shopping local instead of from a hot tub expo
When it comes to buying a hot tub, are you wondering if there’s a difference between shopping local vs. buying one from a hot tub expo? You’ve been considering a hot tub. You’ve learned about the health and social benefits, and you really want one – but you also want to get a great deal! After all, hot tubs are expensive. Then you get a card in the mail or see a sign on the highway. “Save big! This weekend only!” This seems like your chance! But wait … Remember what your mother always told you? If it seems too good to be true, it is. When it comes to buying a hot tub, shopping local is much safer than purchasing from a traveling hot tub expo. 

The Reality of Buying from a Hot Tub Expo

What to expect with those “blowout savings”:

  • High-pressure sales. They can’t give you time to look, think, and plan because Monday they’ll be on a plane to who-knows-where pulling the same sham on the poor, unsuspecting folks of Omaha or St. Louis.
  • Not the savings they claim. Sorry, guys, the markup on hot tubs isn’t enough to slash much off the price and make a profit. A reputable local dealer like Fronheiser Pools offers as good (perhaps better) a price PLUS all of the service and support you deserve after the sale.
  • No installation and maintenance support. When you purchase from a hot tub expo, a very large, very heavy, very expensive spa gets quite literally dumped in your front yard. Setup is up to you. Plus, reputable hot tub dealers specialize in their brands and those are the only type they service. So, if you pick up a hot tub from the expo, you won’t have a friendly, local expert to complete warranty repairs, show you how to operate and care for your spa, and handle maintenance and repairs. 

What It’s Like Shopping Local with Fronheiser Pools

  •  No pressure. At Fronheiser, we’re to help you find your dream spa on your terms. We won’t pressure you to shop out of your budget. And we don’t mind if you purchase your hot tub next weekend or next year. Come in and see what we’ve got. Ask us questions about sizes, shapes, jet counts (and why they totally don’t even matter), cabinet colors and styles, interior colors and styles … whatever YOU want to know before signing on the bottom line. Take a test soak. Bring your brother and neighbor and mother-in-law in for a test soak, too. We’ll be here when you’re ready to buy.
  • Real Value. We carry excellent quality Caldera and Freeflow hot tubs with models in a wide range of prices. We’ve got great options for nearly every budget. Come check out our selection!
  • Customer service & honoring your warranty. Fronheiser Pools is a registered dealer, and as such, we are able to back up any of our warranties and promises, as well as the manufacturer’s. We’re here next week when you’re ready to test your water quality. We’re here when you’re out of town and need a maintenance plan to care for your tub while you’re away. We’re also here if something goes wrong, with the parts and supplies you need to get your hot tub purring like a kitten again.
  • Guidance through the entire delivery and installation process. We don’t dump your hot tub at your front door and shout, “Good luck!” as we drive away snickering. We work with you until your foundation, electrical, and other setup requirements are met. Then we orchestrate a professional delivery and installation that doesn’t involve you and 6 of your best buds trying to wrestle a gigantic hot tub into place, while Bob blows out the circuit breaker and Tom slips and falls on the concrete pad. Homeowners’ insurance up to date?
  • Get the financing you need. Fronheiser Pools partners with some of the best pool and spa lenders in the country. We offer multiple financing options to meet your needs. Fast decisions and fair monthly payments that allow almost any homeowner to get the hot tub they want. When they want it. With the support and customer care they deserve, and payments they can afford.
  Don’t you deserve the care, attention, and service only a local dealer can provide? Visit your nearest Fronheiser Pools location and shop for a hot tub that comes with the perks of having a local team to support you.   Come kick some proverbial hot tub tires at Fronheiser Pools today!
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