The Best Reasons for Shopping Local vs. Shopping at a Traveling Hot Tub Expo

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When it comes to buying a hot tub, are you wondering if there’s a difference between shopping local vs. buying one from a hot tub expo? It’s a good question because, even with the various health and social benefits hot tubs offer, there’s a lot to consider before you make the purchase. Chief among them: the cost. Then you get one of those flyers in the mail that says, “Save Big at The Spa Expo! One weekend only!” At the same time, there’s a local dealer like Fronheiser in your area. Which do you choose? When it comes to buying a hot tub, shopping local is much safer than purchasing from a traveling hot tub expo. 

The Reality of Buying from a Hot Tub Expo

What you can anticipate with those supposed “blowout” savings includes encountering high-pressure sales tactics. These salespeople won’t allow you the time to inspect, contemplate, and plan, as they’ll swiftly move on to the next location, repeating the same deceptive practices on unsuspecting individuals. Furthermore, the claimed savings are not as substantial as they advertise. Unfortunately, the markup on hot tubs is insufficient to significantly reduce the price and still yield a profit. Choosing a reputable local dealer such as Fronheiser Pools not only provides a comparable (if not better) price but also includes all the necessary service and support you deserve post-purchase. Also, don’t expect any installation and maintenance support from a hot tub expo. When you buy from such an event, the spa is essentially dropped off in your front yard. Setting it up becomes your responsibility. A trustworthy hot tub dealer, on the other hand, specializes in the specific spa brands they carry. Consequently, opting for a hot tub from an expo means you won’t have a nearby expert available to handle warranty repairs, guide you on operating and caring for your spa, and manage ongoing maintenance and repairs.

What It’s Like Shopping Local with Fronheiser Pools

Experience a hassle-free environment at Fronheiser Pools where we aim to assist you in finding your ideal hot tub without any pressure. We respect your budget and won’t push you to make a purchase before you’re ready—whether it’s next weekend or next year. Explore our selection, ask any questions about sizes, shapes, jet counts, cabinet and interior colors, and take a test soak. Bring along your family and friends for a test soak as well. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready to make a purchase. Discover Real Value with our range of Caldera and Freeflow hot tubs, representing various price points. We offer excellent options that fit nearly every budget, so come and explore our diverse selection. Exceptional Customer Service and Warranty Support await you when you work with us. As a registered dealer, we stand by our warranties and commitments, along with those from the manufacturer. Count on us for water quality tests, maintenance plans, and timely assistance if anything goes wrong. We provide the necessary parts and supplies to ensure your hot tub runs smoothly. Unlike simply dropping off your hot tub and leaving you to figure things out, we work with you to meet foundation, electrical, and other setup requirements for delivery and installation. Our team orchestrates a professional delivery and installation, sparing you the challenges of handling a massive hot tub with friends, potential circuit breaker issues, and slippery situations. As far as financing, we partner with top pool and spa lenders who offer multiple options with fast decisions and fair monthly payments. This ensures that almost every homeowner can afford the hot tub they desire, with the necessary support, customer care, and flexible payment plans. Certainly, aren’t you entitled to the care, attention, and service uniquely offered by a local dealer?  Visit your nearest Fronheiser Pools location and explore our range of hot tubs that include the advantages of having a local team to assist and support you.
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