Hot Tub Maintenance in the Winter Time

Picture it: It’s a cold day. One of those where the chill just settles into your bones. It’s not windy, but there might be a slight breeze in the air. There’s snow on the ground, the branches of the trees are bare. The sky is that sharp, pale blue that you really only see on those cold winter days.

Can you see it?

Now imagine this: You’re chasing the cold away by enjoying a long, leisurely soak in your Jacuzzi, Caldera or Freeflow hot tub. Surrounded by warm water and soothing bubbles, you partake of a relaxing massage while you enjoy the lovely winter view. You’re not cold – far from it. In fact, taking a dip on a cold winter day is one of your favorite pleasures.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you enjoy using your hot tub during the winter season – and we certainly encourage you to try it if you haven’t – there are a few special maintenance steps you need to take to keep it running in top form when the weather turns cold.

  1. Always remove any ice or snow from the cover before you take it off. You don’t want to risk the ice and snow falling into your spa and reducing the water temperature.
  2. Check your spa often to make sure it’s running and has plenty of water. You need the water level to stay at the correct depth for proper pump and filter operation, and you need to make sure the pump is running so your spa doesn’t freeze up.
  3. Don’t forget to check the chemical levels. It’s important to maintain them all year long.

And here’s something really important: If your spa stops working as it should, DON’T DRAIN IT. Put a small space heater or a 100W service light inside the equipment area and put a heavy blanket over the door to keep the heat in. This will help keep the hot tub from freezing up, or melt any ice that may have built up. (But not much ice had a chance to because you were following rule number 2, right?)

When you place the heater or light, make sure it’s not touching anything that can burn or melt, then call us.

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