How Do I Store Hot Tub Chemicals Safely?

There is nothing more lovely than coming home at the end of the day knowing that you can unwind in the comfort and privacy of your hot tub. Keeping your spa water clean and sanitized is a big priority for you as a hot tub owner. Obviously, there is some effort that goes into keeping your hot tub water clean and ready for you to use when you want to. Thus, over time, you may have acquired a collection of hot tub maintenance chemicals and other water enhancers that you use to keep your hot tub water in pristine condition. It turns out that proper treatment of these chemicals will keep you and your family safer and cause your equipment to last longer. Have you given much thought to their proper care and storage? It may be time to examine the question “how do I store hot tub chemicals safely?”

Store Chemicals in a Secure Location

It is essential that you store your hot tub maintenance chemicals in a location that is secure from children, pets, and wildlife. Ideally, this will be a locked container, cupboard, closet, or storage area. Hot tub chemicals can be dangerous if ingested, inhaled, or if they come in contact with skin. Therefore, ensure that pets and kids cannot get into them. 

Store Hot Tub Chemicals in a Controlled Temperature Environment

Many people think they can store their hot tub chemicals outside adjacent to their hot tub. This is not a good idea for several reasons. First, extremes of temperature can degrade your chemicals and render them less potent. Heat over 75° can cause chemicals to expand. Temperatures lower than 50° reduce the potency of the chemicals. Next, moisture and humidity are also very bad for your hot tub chemicals and test strips and will quickly show they’ve lost their power. The best location for hot tub chemical storage is off the ground, and inside the house, basement, or controlled temperature shed or garage. 

Other Storage Tips

Store hot tub chemicals separately from lawn and garden chemicals and supplies. They must be kept dry, so avoid putting a wet measuring device back into a container, or a chemical reaction could occur. Keep the caps screwed on tight. Crystals, granules, and powders can create harmful gases if they come in contact with the air due to improperly sealed lids. Make sure container labels are legible and that the expiration date is clearly marked. Also, don’t store liquids over dry chemicals in case of a container leak.  It may sound as if storing hot tub chemicals improperly can have dire consequences. The fact of the matter is hot tub chemicals are strong chemicals and should be treated with respect. That being said, it is not a complicated matter to create a safe secure place in which to store your hot tub supplies. When you ask yourself “How do I store hot tub chemicals safely?”, the answer is simple. Keep them securely locked up, in a controlled temperature and moisture setting, and pay attention to the labels and expiration dates. Learning how to properly store hot tub chemicals is an important part of responsible hot tub ownership. Do this, and you will save on chemical costs, and ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your family. Best of all, your hot tub will be ready for you to enjoy whenever you want to use it! If you have any questions or concerns regarding hot tub water care, Fronheiser Pools is here to help. In addition, we have a good supply of all the hot tub chemicals, supplies, and products you need. Stop in for free water testing and expert advice on everything needed to keep your hot tub clean and beautiful.  
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