How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Every Day?

run pool pump at least 8 hours a day
Do you wonder “how long should I run my pool pump every day?” In an ideal world, you might want to run your pool pump non-stop night and day to achieve maximum water circulation. But hang on to your hat — don’t run out and change your pump settings just yet. Running your pool pump 24/7 would make your utility bill skyrocket. And besides, to tell you the truth, it isn’t practical or even necessary. So, what’s the answer? Let’s take a look at what your pool pump is supposed to do and how to use it in the most efficient way.

What’s the Purpose of the Pool Pump?

The pool pump’s job is to make the water circulate through your swimming pool. It is arguably the most important piece of equipment you have connected to your pool. It pulls all the water in the pool through your filtration system, where debris and small particles are filtered out. 

Achieving “Turnover”

Preferably, in a 24-hour period, you want to achieve a condition called “turnover.” Turnover is the state of having all the water in the swimming pool pass through the filtration system one complete time within that time frame. How long does it take for all the water in a typical pool to pass through the filtration system? About eight hours.

How a Variable Speed Pool Pump Works

Not that long ago, pool owners had limited choices when it came to pool pumps — that being the single or dual speed pump. Now with the prevalence of variable speed pumps, many things have changed for the better. A variable speed pump takes less energy to run, makes the turnover rate happen more quickly, and will save the owner a ton of money. Some people report reducing their energy bill by as much as 50-90%

When to Run Your Pool Pump

Today’s variable speed pumps are programable, which allows you to choose their hours of operation, and those hours don’t have to be continuous. To take advantage of even more potential savings on your electric bill, you can program your pool pump to run during “non-peak” hours which will vary depending on where you live.  Think your neighbors might complain about the sound of your pump running during the night? Never fear, the new variable speed pool pumps are whisper quiet compared to the older model pumps, particularly when operated at lower speed settings. 

Additional Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

One of the greatest benefits of today’s variable speed pumps is that they promote better filtration. When water is pumped through the filtration system at a slower rate of flow, the filter will have a better opportunity to get hold of those particles in the water and eliminate them. In addition, if your pump powers extra features in your pool, such as waterfalls, jets, or fountains, you can control those remotely at a higher speed as necessary. Finally, the warranties that come with variable speed pool pumps these days are just outstanding. A pool pump purchased from a professional dealer like Fronheiser Pools will have a longer warranty period and a merchant who will stand behind it.  When you are wondering “how long should I run my pool pump every day?” you now have an answer. You need to run your pump for at least eight hours, but those hours do not need to be consecutive. Also, with the cost of operating these new pumps being so much less than previous pumps, you can go beyond the magic eight-hour number and still save money. Run the pump for six hours during the night at a lower speed, or run it for three to four additional hours at a higher speed when you are enjoying your water features or are running the pool vac. The professional staff at Fronheiser Pools is a great resource to you when you have pool pump related questions. Come by or give us a call. We are here to help!
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