How many jets should a hot tub have?

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If you are shopping for a hot tub, you may be tempted to think that the number of jets in a hot tub is indicative of how nice the hot tub is. The experts at Fronheiser Pools know that this is just not the truth. While it can be good to have more jets, the quality, placement, and functionality of those jets matter so much more than a number. 

Look at the types of jets in the hot tub.

Instead of counting the number of jets you see, ask about the different types of jets offered in that model. Are there jets to massage your back and neck that are stronger? Are there jets designed to work on your feet that make a nice stream? If there is only one jet type for the entire hot tub, no matter how many there may be, this is probably not a high-quality hot tub.  There are numerous types of jets to pick from when shopping for a hot tub. Knowing what hydrotherapy benefits you are looking for before coming in to shop will help our experts guide you to the best options for you. 

Look at the size of the jets in the hot tub.

When you look at the hot tub, instead of counting jets, look to see that there are various sizes. This ties back into types of jets, but some should be larger and others smaller. Depending on the hydrotherapy benefits you want, the size will matter. You don’t want a tiny jet to massage your back. 

Look at the pump that will run the jets in the hot tub.

Another critical thing to consider is the pump running the jets. If you have one hundred jets in the tub with one tiny pump, you might as well not have any at all! The more jets the hot tub has, the bigger or even more pumps it will need to be effective at offering hydrotherapy. Ask our sales associates about the pumps on our models when you are in-store to see the difference having a quality hot tub can make.

Look at the placement of the jets. 

Finally, the placement of the jets is more important than the number. Placing jets only on the backs of seats, for example, would not provide any relief to the lower half of your body. You will want to ensure whichever model you choose has jets in the places you tend to want relief.  For example, if you hold more stress in your lower back or hips, you will want the most powerful jets to hit there versus if you have more tension in your neck and upper back. Shopping in the showroom will allow you to sit in the different tubs available and see precisely where different jets will hit.  Whatever you are looking to get from your hot tub, our sales consultants can help you navigate the world of spas to find the perfect one for your needs. With two showrooms in Berks County, we have a location conveniently located for you. We can’t wait to help you find your new spa.
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