How Much Do I Have to Spend to Get a Good Hot Tub?

Luxury-level hot tub
In a way, buying a hot tub is kind of like buying a car. Do you go for the economy model with some basic safety features, decent looks, and a pretty comfy interior? Or do you go all out and buy a luxury car that is a cut above with a more powerful engine, sumptuous interior, and state-of-the-art technology? There are definitely reasons for making either decision. However, the final answer may boil down to cost. Are you asking yourself “how much do I have to spend to get a good hot tub?” Let’s take a look at what the difference is between an entry-level hot tub, a midrange hot tub, and a luxury-level hot tub.

The Entry-Level Hot Tub: $3,000-$7,000

When you buy an entry-level hot tub, it will typically be “rotomolded”, which is a process where polyethylene resin is poured into a mold to form the shell of the hot tub. The material is heated and spun, coating the mold and forming the shape of the spa. Reduced labor and material costs mean these hot tubs are less expensive to manufacture. Often, they are “plug-and-play” hot tubs, which means they simply plug into a 110V outlet and can be filled with water and enjoyed. Fronheiser Pools offers Freeflow® Spas in this price range, which are a great choice for first-time buyers. They are also good for military families because, being lightweight, they can be fairly easily moved from one location to another. If you want to enjoy the hot tub experience without a big price tag, these may be a great choice for you.

Midrange Hot Tubs: $7,000-$14,000

A midrange hot tub will be constructed of acrylic which is melted and placed over a mold to form its shape. The resulting shell is durable, energy-efficient, and will last many years. They operate on 220V electricity, which provides more power to the heater and jets. These great spas come with multi-layered insulation, which helps maintain your desired water temperature. Midrange hot tubs, such as the Caldera Paradise® Series, come with a greater number of more powerful jets, which are strategically placed to target different muscle groups. More features are available to the buyer, such as water care options like Caldera’s FreshWater® Salt System. With seating options for three to seven people, you can even choose incredible features like a lounge seat.

Luxury-Level Hot Tubs: $14,000-$20,000+

For the customer who wants the ultimate in a personal wellness system, a luxury-level hot tub is the only choice. Hot tubs in this price range come with every imaginable feature, such as the most advanced jet technology, special lighting effects, water features, advanced automation control options, and even entertainment features such as optional Bluetooth® sound and tv. The exterior design element is superb, making it a focal point in your outdoor entertainment area. Spas at this level also come with the finest warranties, some with coverage lasting five to ten years longer than lesser-priced models. Luxury-level hot tubs are quieter and more energy-efficient to operate. Caldera’s beautiful Utopia® Series falls into this category. The ergonomic design of the interior will take your hot tub experience to the next level. So, there you have it! There are reasons for purchasing a hot tub in each of the categories mentioned above. Factors affecting your decision on which hot tub is right for you are location, the features you desire, and what you want to pay. When you ask, “How much do I have to spend to get a good hot tub?”, you can see there is quite a range. Fronheiser Pools offers Freeflow Spas at the lower price range, and Caldera Spas in the mid and luxury ranges. We also offer financing to make your hot tub dreams reality! Come by our showroom and talk to our staff. We would love to connect you with the perfect spa model to help you live your best life.
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