How Much Patio Area Do I Need Around My Swimming Pool?

Are you planning a new swimming pool for your backyard? Imagine your family using the new pool. Are you fixating on the image of them frolicking in the glittering aqua blue water? We are so happy that you are, but did you know that most people spend just as much time in the area around their pool as they do in the water? One of the biggest regrets new pool owners have is that they did not allow for a large enough swimming pool surround. It is essential to ask yourself “How much patio area do I need around my swimming pool?”

What Activities Will You Do Around Your Pool?

You and your family and friends will spend the majority of your time on your swimming pool deck. Sitting in chaise lounges watching others swim, relaxing with a drink or a book, and sunning yourself make for a summer of fun. And don’t forget grilling burgers on the barbecue, and dining and conversing with friends. It’s important that you plan space around the pool for those activities. When you envision your life outside the pool, what activities do you see yourself and your family doing?

Conversation Area

If you plan to entertain guests or know that you will often sit as a family group together, you want to allow space for a conversation area, complete with seating for four to six people. Want to add a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, and side tables? You should allow at least a 10′ x 10′ square space.

Dining Area

Similarly, if you plan to dine poolside, you will need a 10′ x 10′ area to seat four people (a table and four chairs), and a 12′ x 12′ area for six to eight people (a table and six to eight chairs) to dine comfortably.

Outside Grilling

If you plan to grill outside by the pool, it is best to allow a minimum of a 6′ x 6′ area. You may need more space, depending on the size of your grill.


We all know how we love to have a designated poolside chaise lounge for sunning, relaxing, reading, and watching the kids cavort in the pool. How many chaise lounges do you think you need? Once you figure that out, know that you should allow a 7′ x 7′ area for two chaises. We even have hydro lounges that can go right in the pool!

Pathways Around the Pool

You need to have ample walkway space around the pool. A rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 3′ – 4′ of decking surrounding the pool. This will allow people to walk comfortably, as well as space for pool cleaning and maintenance tasks. 

Additional Features

If you plan to add additional features around your pool, you must allow ample space for them. Fire pits, water features, slides, diving boards, and outdoor showers will all require square footage that you need to plan for. Your Fronheiser pool design and build team can offer you professional advice as to how much area is required for these features. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that on average, most people allow 600 to 900 additional square feet of swimming pool surround when planning their pools. Many people allow for much more than that. Don’t short yourself on the amount of patio space you need to enjoy activities around your pool. Since you will be making as much or more use of your swimming pool decking area than you might have ever imagined, it is essential that you plan for the space to enjoy your favorite activities. Fronheiser Pools has years of experience behind us to competently advise you on the amount of patio area you need around your swimming pool. Make good use of our expertise! Come prepared with a list of the activities you plan to enjoy so we can guide you in the right direction. When you ask “How much patio area do I need around my swimming pool?”, you can count on us to give you experienced advice. We also carry beautiful outdoor furniture from Telescope Casual to make your space an absolute delight.
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