How to Choose Between a 2-3-Person, 4-5-Person, or 6-8-Person Hot Tub

Chose the right hot tub size
Making the decision to add a hot tub to your life is easy. Now the hard part is picking out the size that will best suit your needs. How to choose between a 2-3-person, 4-5-person, or 6-8-person hot tub is now your biggest consideration. Who ever thought there would be so many choices? How will you narrow it down so that you end up with your personal Goldilocks version of a hot tub? Fronheiser Pools is here to help you pick out the spa that is “just right”.

Where is the Hot Tub Located?

The hot tub you end up with is first and foremost dictated by the space you have available in which to locate it. Hot tubs come in certain sizes. Smaller 2–3-person hot tubs are usually around 5-feet wide and up to 7-feet long, and medium size 4-6-person hot tubs are 6 ½- or 7-feet square. The largest hot tubs for up to 6-8 persons can be 8- or 9-feet square. Clearly, you need to stay within a location space that is large enough for the spa and its foundation. Remember to also allow clearance for maintenance activities and the cover lifter. Fronheiser Pools, your trusted local dealer, can advise you if you have allowed the right amount of space for the spa in your chosen location.

How Many People Will Be Using the Hot Tub?

Are you a couple who will use the spa regularly, but only occasionally entertain? It does not make any sense to purchase a hot tub that seats 5-6 persons when it will only be used by two people 90% of the time. If you are a small family of 3-4 people, a model that fits 5-6 people should be ideal. On the other hand, if you have a large family or entertain frequently where the hot tub will be a focus, definitely consider getting the bigger 6-8-person size. Always remember that you want the spa experience to be relaxing. Most of us want to stretch out when we use it. The hot tub manufacturer may state that the spa fits 5-6 people, which is technically accurate, but that model may actually be far more comfortable with 4-5 people in it.  Another thing to be very aware of is the amount of space in the foot well. If it is the case when you get all your guests into the spa and everyone’s feet and knees are squished together, nobody is going to be happy. Make space for comfort and relaxation.

What Kind of Spa Experience Do You Want?

Hot tub seating comes in a variety of configurations. You can get a spa with open seating where everyone sits upright. This type of seating is great for holding conversations when entertaining. Or, if you want a spa for hydrotherapy, you can opt for a model that has one or more “loungers” where bathers can lean back and partially recline while enjoying their massage experience. The lounge-style seat usually takes the space of two upright seats.

Seating to Fit Bathers

One last thing to think about regarding seating is the depth of each seat. The most accommodating hot tub has seating that allows for people of different heights to be comfortable. If you are a tall person and the seating is too high, you are not going to be able to sit where the jets hit your target areas properly. On the other hand, if someone else in your family is 5’ 1”, and the seating is too deep, they are going to struggle to keep in their seat with their head out of the water.  The best models have a variety of seat heights. How to choose between a 2-3-person, 4-5-person, or 6-8-person hot tub? Start by measuring your space to know what your size limitations are. Then be totally honest with yourself about who will primarily use the spa. Next, decide if you want the lounge seat experience, as that will essentially eliminate one seat. The professionals at Fronheiser Pools can be a huge help to you in selecting a hot tub that has the appropriate seating (configuration, depth, and features) that is just right for you and your family.  
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