How to Group Patio Furniture for an Epic Pool Party

beautiful patio furniture for dining area
Is your patio furniture working for you? Now that warm weather is on the horizon, are you ready to kick off the season with a fabulous pool party? We are too. Technically, all you really need for a pool party is a pool and a few friends. However, you can do so much better than that. The secret to making your guests feel at home and truly comfortable is to have your outside entertainment area as well laid out and functional as the inside of your home. Your patio furniture should be both functional and comfortable. The big trend in outdoor decor is outdoor “rooms” or furniture groupings that invite the same activities as they would in the interior of your house. Start by choosing a quality outdoor furniture brand such as Telescope Casual, made in the USA since 1903. Let’s take a look at how to group patio furniture for an epic pool party. Your expertise as a host will be a topic of conversation for some time to come!

Patio Furniture for the Outdoor Conversation Area

A clearly defined outdoor conversation area is the first thing your guests will see when they go out to your patio. This area should be furnished with pieces that are as inviting and comfortable as those in your living room. Ideally, this grouping of patio furniture will include a plush, deep-cushioned sofa and a couple of matching chairs, as well as side tables and a coffee table for drinks and snacks. Colorful accent cushions will delight the eye, and a bright accent rug will define the space. This patio furniture grouping is best placed under a patio overhang, porch, pergola, or another type of shade feature. 

A Shaded Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar will be a destination stop for most of your party guests. If you do not have a patio bar per se, you can construct one out of a sturdy folding table covered with colorful tablecloths. Buckets of ice, drink coolers, plastic glasses, and assorted beverages will be much appreciated by your guests. Be sure this area is shaded. Portable pool umbrellas that can be moved according to the path of the sun are perfect. 

Patio Furniture Groupings for Cooking and Dining

It goes without saying that a pool party will involve food grilled outside. Whatever your outdoor kitchen setup may be, you want to position your outdoor dining furniture in close proximity to it. The size of your patio dining set will be based on the size of your family and/or the number of guests you typically have over. Most patio dining sets sit six to eight persons. For a large pool party, you may need to supplement your seating with additional chairs.

Pool Lounges for Relaxing and Kid Watching

All the effort you put into making your pool inviting will pay off when you see how much your guests enjoy that pristine blue water. Many of your guests will want to sit in the sun before and after their dip. Also, if you have invited any children to your pool party, their parents will most likely position themselves as close to the pool as possible to keep an eye on the kids. Having comfortable pool loungers is so important. Choose patio loungers that are not only comfortable, but quick drying as well. Materials that are suitable are mesh fabric or slatted soft plastic strips that dry quickly. Group the loungers next to the pool and provide some adjustable shade umbrellas for those who want to lazy away the day without all the sun. Our number one tip for outdoor spaces for your pool party is to begin with quality Telescope Casual patio furniture from Fronheiser Pools. Telescope Casual Furniture is proud to produce beautiful outdoor patio furniture that is the industry standard. Start with the right furniture and you will completely transform your outdoor space. We hope these tips on how to group patio furniture for an epic pool party will inspire you to entertain in style. Stop by Fronheiser Pool’s showrooms in Bally and Sinking Spring to see what pieces we have in stock. We are also happy to place a special order on pieces to perfectly compliment your beautiful backyard space.   
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