How to Open your Pool like a Pro

The trees are bare. The grass is brown. Cold wind blows and there are no flowers to be seen. But believe it or not, we’re already thinking about summer weather and pool parties. Before you can get to the parties, though, you have to open your pool. And every year we hear about several common mistakes that pool owners make after they peel back their pool covers. To avoid that trouble and make your pool opening as easy as possible, follow these tips:
  1. Clean your pool deck and pool cover FIRST. Use a broom or leaf blower to clear your pool deck of all the dirt and debris that have piled up over the winter months. Then, clean your pool cover – before you begin to remove it. If you don’t, all the dirt and debris on the cover will likely to end up in your pool, making your task of pool opening that much harder. Then, you can leave your clean pool cover on your clean deck to dry in the sun before you put it away.
  2. Add water to your pool. If you start adding the water now, the water will be at the proper level when you’re ready to turn on the pump.
  3. Remember to pull all the plugs. If you turn on your pump with the plugs still in place, damage is likely to occur. Do yourself a favor and make sure you remove the plugs from the skimmer, returns, jets, cleaner line and anything else you plugged when you closed your pool.
  4. Open all of the valves. It’s easy to overlook one of the valves when you’re opening your pool – and that can be a costly mistake. A quick double-check is all you need to do.
  5. Run the filter as long as you need to. To completely clear your pool and make sure it’s ready for summer fun, you might need to run your filter system for several days. Don’t worry about it – just do it.
  6. Add chemicals according to package directions. We understand. You’re anxious to get your pool opened. But whatever you do, don’t add everything at once. Instead, carefully follow the package directions so that each product has time and an opportunity to do its job.
Other tips to keep in mind: vacuum your pool properly, give it a good brushing, and add chlorine to your chlorinator. If you’d rather leave your pool opening to the experts this year, contact us. We’ll handle everything and you’ll be doing cannonballs and bellyflops in no time!
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