How to Protect Your Hot Tub When Severe Weather Approaches

Easy tips to protect your spa from severe weather
When the forecast calls for heavy winds, hail, or snow, do you get a little nervous that your hot tub is sitting exposed on your deck? Maybe you wonder if you should be taking any precautions to protect it. The truth is, your hot tub (especially if you own a high-end spa like a Caldera) is designed to weather the elements. However, when certain types of severe weather approach, you do want to take a few precautions.

Storms, Wind, and Hail

During particularly bad storms and wind, your hot tub cover is your main concern. If it’s not securely in place, severe winds can whip it off your spa and send it sailing. And your home, fence, car or neighbor’s property could be damaged. Make sure your cover is locked tightly in place and you can avoid that unnecessary damage. Are you worried about hurricane-force winds or other extreme conditions? Hurricane or wind straps are a small investment that can give you big peace of mind!  In the event of high winds and storms, don’t forget about falling debris. Tree limbs and hail could damage your cover and even puncture it, but there is something you can do. With the hot tub cover locked in place, add a plywood cover over the top and then secure it with clamp straps from the hardware store. Your cover will stay secure and protected through the storm.

Freezing Temperatures and Snow

Did you know that just a few inches of snow can weigh more than 50 pounds? That’s a lot of weight for your cover to bear. If snow accumulates on your hot tub cover, brush it off.  Finally, during freezing temperatures, it’s important that your hot tub water is at the correct level. If it falls too low and your pump and heater can’t operate, the water could freeze and damage your spa. When power outages are forecasted along with an ice storm or snowstorm, the safest bet is to drain your spa. That will remove any chance of frozen pipes and frustrating repairs. When the forecast predicts severe weather, just a few simple precautions will protect your spa and provide you with peace of mind. But, if things don’t go according to plan and you do find yourself in need of service, we’re here for you! Fronheiser is recognized as a Top 50 service company in the United States according to Pool and Spa News. If you ever need help with hot tub repair, maintenance, winterizing, or even emergency service, our reliable technicians are just a phone call away.
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