How to Select Stunning Patio Furniture That Will Last

deep seating patio furniture around firetable
Is this the year you will finally replace your dated and worn-out patio furniture? New patio furniture could be the improvement that makes your backyard experience finally live up to your dreams. With most of us spending more time at home, our patios have become extensions of the interiors of our homes. One of the major trends for 2022 is the creation of outdoor “rooms” for various activities such as gathering, dining, cooking, and lounging. Fronheiser Pools knows new outdoor furniture is a big investment and that you do not want to waste your money. When you redecorate your outside space, we understand that you want your furniture to be stylish, functional, and resistant to wear. There are a number of materials to choose from when selecting outdoor furnishings, some of which are easier to maintain and longer wearing than others. Here’s how to select stunning patio furniture that will last.

Choices for Outdoor Seating Areas

It is a known fact that we spend a ton of time sitting and relaxing around our pools. That is a perfect reason to make your outdoor seating area a place for family and friends to gather in comfort. A popular choice of patio furniture for conversation areas is what is known as “deep seating.” A sofa, loveseat, and armchairs for this type of outdoor seating would ideally have thick, comfortable cushions and a sturdy weather-resistant frame. You and your guests won’t want to move once you settle into well-made deep seating furniture. Durable materials for the frames of outdoor furniture are synthetic wicker (made from polyethylene resin), cast aluminum (polyester powder coated), and marine-grade polymer. Marine-grade polymer is an ecologically friendly material made from recycled plastics. It is non-porous, resistant to mildew, and will not fade or crack. A top current trend in patio furniture is sustainability, and MGP furniture fits the bill. Cushions for patio furniture are best made from water- and sun-resistant acrylic materials such as the well-known Sunbrella™ outdoor fabrics. They are easy to clean and extremely long lasting. 

Selections for Outdoor Dining

The longest-lasting outdoor dining furniture is made from cast aluminum or marine-grade polymer. Marine-grade polymer is an increasingly popular choice because it is so easy to clean, sun-resistant, and non-porous. There is a plethora of gorgeous choices for patio dining tables, chairs, and fire tables made from this high-quality eco-friendly material.

Patio Furniture for Lounging

Your pool chaise lounges are a popular destination for swimmers and sun-lovers alike. Features to look for in a pool chaise lounge are that it conforms to the body, provides good support, is quick-drying, and sun-resistant. A great choice for a pool chaise is a lightweight tubular aluminum frame covered in a premium quality synthetic mesh fabric. This type of seating is called “sling-style” and is perfect for pool lounges because its open design is cool and it dries so quickly. Its smooth surface also means no more stripes on your skin from old-fashioned strap-style loungers. Also, this synthetic mesh fabric is extremely durable and tear resistant. Add a patio umbrella above your lounge area for a shaded space you’ll love. Do you have your answers on how to select stunning patio furniture that will last? We hope these tips will help you make the best choice for your backyard lifestyle. When you purchase patio furniture, look for many of the same features you value in your indoor furniture: comfort, style, and durability. The big difference, of course, is that your patio furniture needs to be weather resistant. We recommend that you select pieces made from materials that are made to withstand the effects of being outside. Fronheiser Pools is proud to carry patio furniture made by Telescope Casual™, a manufacturer of fine outdoor furniture made in the USA since 1903. When you buy the best, you know your patio furniture will last! Stop by our showrooms to see what we have to offer. We are also able to custom order your pieces for the perfect outdoor spaces. 
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