How Young is Too Young for a Hot Tub?

Father and Young Daughter Hot Tubbing

You may have long, relaxing, health-boosting hot tub soaks in mind, but when your new spa is installed, the whole family will be looking forward to getting wet! Hot-tubbing with your kids is actually a great way to get in some screen-free quality time together. But, you may be wondering if it’s totally safe for your kids to join you in the hot tub. Can young kids join in? Just how young is too young? The fact is, kids are more heat-sensitive than adults, so you do need to use caution when inviting your kids into the hot tub. Follow these guidelines for worry-free family soaks and some of the best bonding time of your life!

Babies and Toddlers

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children age 0-5 years shouldn’t use a hot tub. At this age, kids are much more prone to overheating and a hot tub’s heat is too much for their delicate skin and system. Additionally, kids shouldn’t use a hot tub until their head is completely above water when they’re standing on the bottom. 

Kids Over Age 5

Once they can safely touch the bottom, you can allow your kids over 5 years old into the hot tub. Since they are still more prone to overheating than adults are, remember these rules:

  • Turn the heat down. At 104°F, a child should be in the water for less than five minutes. However, if the water temperature is between 98°F and 102°F, kids can soak for up to 15 minutes at a time. 
  • Have kids sit in a seat where they are only partially immersed. Warm water up to the neck will raise a child’s core temperature faster than if the water is only to their waist or shoulders. So, keep kids cooler for longer by having them sit with their torso out of the water for at least part of the time. 
  • Hydrate. Offer kids water or fruit juices during their hot tub soak and/or after. Water bottles, juice boxes and pouches are an excellent and fun way to get extra liquid into your kids.

Follow these simple guidelines and family hot tub night will be everyone’s favorite night of the week! At Fronheiser, we’ve got all of the family-friendly hot tubs you need for the perfect time to bond together. With a wide selection of spas from Caldera® and Freeflow®, we are sure to have the ideal hot tub to meet all of your family’s needs.

Now that you know safe practices for your kids, are you wondering how long adults should spend in the hot tub at a time? We’ve got you covered in this blog.

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