Inground Vinyl Pool Advantages

The pool industry has fallen in love with inground vinyl pool technology. We think you will too. According to What is, “Vinyl has the distinction of being the most versatile manmade plastic in the entire world.” Vinyl’s versatility is making the dream of having an inground pool possible for thousands who could never afford that luxury in the past. Improvements in technology and production have created an evolution in vinyl to the point of making it a pool purchaser’s dream come true.

Vinyl is affordable.

An inground vinyl pool is about $10,000 less expensive than a comparable fiberglass pool. Even a high-end vinyl pool should top out at the starting cost of a gunite pool. You can use the savings to pay off some bills. Or, you could invest some of the savings in upgrades to your new pool.

Vinyl is versatile.

The options for size and shape in vinyl are virtually unlimited. Computer-aided drafting (CAD) makes anything possible. Fiberglass pools are molded to standard sizes and shapes that can be shipped over the highway. An inground vinyl pool is your only affordable option for a larger pool. The limits on size and shape are your imagination and your budget.

Vinyl is elegant.

There is no pool option close to having a variety of attractive colors and patterns as expansive as those available in vinyl pools. The color(s) of your pool will be the first thing that wows your family and friends. There are so many options that you should consider letting your wife choose. She’s good at it. She proved it by marrying you!

Vinyl is durable.

Vinyl can accommodate shifts in the ground that could more easily damage concrete and fiberglass pools. Granted, vinyl can be susceptible to cuts, but cuts are rare with the grades of material used today. What is more, a cut in vinyl is easier and much less expensive to fix than a crack in fiberglass or concrete. The most important thing about buying a pool is getting the one that is right for you. All of us at Fronheiser Pools are committed to helping you choose the very best for your home and your family. Be sure to inquire about our warranties, financing, and our continuing pool services. Call us at our 610-845-2221. It’s the same phone number for both locations in Bally and Sinking Spring.
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