Is It Time To Winterize Your Pool?

Winterize your pool
Hopefully, all pool owners in the region understand the importance of properly closing their swimming pools for the winter season. If not, our previous helpful article may persuade you to do so. However, knowing that your pool must be closed and understanding just when it should happen are two different things. You likely grasp the fact that winterizing your pool must occur sometime in the fall, but may not be savvy as to when that magic window of time opens and closes. Is it time to winterize your pool? Let’s take a look at the relevant criteria.

Outside Temperature

The primary consideration for the timing of your pool closing is the outside temperature. The air temperature should be consistently below 65 degrees during the day and above freezing at night. If you close too early, the warm water will cause algae to bloom, creating a swamp-like condition. Close too late, and the water in your plumbing lines could freeze, causing expensive damage. 

Local Weather

In our area of east-central Pennsylvania, our fall weather is fairly mild. Our average temperatures in the month of October are typically daytime highs of 67 and nighttime lows of 48. This makes late September and the month of October pretty much the perfect window of time for winterizing and pool closings in our locale.


Nothing signals autumn like the spectacular displays of fall leaf color that we enjoy in Pennsylvania. That being said, if those leaves are on trees surrounding your pool, they are going to fall at some point. What you do not want is to have those leaves sink to the bottom of your pool, start to decay, and create a big mess for you to clean up. Leaves typically fall when temperatures cool and daylight hours shorten. This usually happens by the end of October. Lessen the amount of leaves and other debris in your pool by using your pool cover in the days before your pool closing, and you will have less work to do when the time comes.

Is Anyone Still Swimming?

In our climate, we are fortunate to have mild weather conditions in September. This means that even though our schedules may become busier due to the start of school and other responsibilities, we can still enjoy our pools throughout September and even into early October. By the end of September-beginning of October, the daytime temperatures will probably not be as conducive to swimming, which indicates it may be the time for pool closing. So pay attention to any significant drop in the temperature and that will give you the signal that you need to begin the process of winterizing your pool.  There are many articles that walk you through the process of winterizing your pool for the season. While it is not terribly complicated, it is a process with a good number of steps. Even if you handle every other aspect of caring for your pool throughout the year, when it comes to pool closing, this may be the time you want to call in the professionals. You will then have the peace of mind that your equipment will weather the winter without damage and when you open your pool in the spring there will not be any big green surprises. Fronheiser Pools is a full-service pool and spa company. If you need help with your pool closing, give us a call.
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