Jacuzzi Away Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an awful condition affecting the muscles, joints, bones, and mood. It’s exacerbated by other physical ailments such as arthritis and mental ailments such as depression and the like. Lack of exercise contributes to fibromyalgia symptoms as well.

Sufferers endure physical pain, as well as fatigue, and resulting negative disposition, which is sadly to be expected from this affliction. It’s simply, total body pain and imbalance.

We know that the comfort of hydrotherapy can ease the physical and mental symptoms of fibromyalgia.

When you enter a spa, your body is enveloped in hot, soothing water. When you sit back to take of the massage jet hydrotherapy, your body is attended to so thoroughly that the resulting physical ease also puts your mind at ease. Again, fibromyalgia affects the body and mind. Spas soothe the body and mind. Spas also aid in winding one’s mind and body down for deep sleep. High quality sleep is known to benefit fibromyalgia sufferers – and everyone for that matter.

With regular Jacuzzi use, we are confident that fibromyalgia sufferers will feel better, more often, and longer. After all, the Jacuzzi hot tub was invented and developed by a man endeavoring to build a product that would soothe his own son’s rheumatoid arthritis. It worked! Ken Jacuzzi had already been prescribed hydrotherapy. Ken’s father designed his own hydrotherapy unit for their home bathtub – the rest is history. All these years later, Jacuzzi is the most recognizable hot tub brand in the world.

If you want to take an offensive approach to battling your fibromyalgia, consider swimming. In a pool, you can exercise more comfortably than you can outside of the buoyancy of water. You can swim, jog in place, utilize resistance bands, and much more. Immediately follow up your workouts with soothing hydromassage in your Jacuzzi.

With water exercise and regular hydrotherapy, we believe you’ll be on the road to better, happier living.

Come and see our selection of Jacuzzi hot tubs. Jacuzzi produces the finest, most advanced spas available. We carry each Jacuzzi hot tub series and have “Jacuzzis” to fit any budget.

Contact us to schedule your private test soak. Test soaking is the only sure way of choosing the best spa for your unique needs.

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